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Somewhere in the Philippines, My house, Philippines
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About Me

I write stuff.

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Okay, if you insist on knowing, I am from the deep and disgusting city of Manila, Philippines. I have been writing stuff for five years now, and so far, all I have is a collection of poems (Snow Drops), a light novel (Theodolite), and an unfinished novel (Equilibrium). The reason for the lack of content is because most of my time is spent on my studies at university as a Civil Engineering student. It actually feels weird that I wanted to pursue this program despite my sheer love for writing, which by the way has very little to do with the program, but it feels good to write from time to time.

I started setting up my works in the site because other popular sites have spammers and trolls in the comments section. Generally, my goal is to finish [Equilibrium] and all the other parts of the [Equilibrium] universe I've been thinking up since I started to get interested in writing. It looks a little bleak as of now with all the projects piling up but maybe someday I'll pull through. As long as idiots don't misinterpret the offensive language as my way of inciting humor to the common fantasy story formula, I'll keep on writing the way I want to write. If by any chance something like that happens, I'd love people talking about the story as some sort of controversy or allusion to evilness or some sh*t.

Seriously. Talk trash about my work, and I'll thank you for it. It doesn't matter if it's insightful or shallow. If you've got thoughts, open fire!


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Posted 9 Years Ago

What's a Philippines?

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Posted 10 Years Ago

Welcome to Writer's Cafe, my fellow Filipino!