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medford, western, United Kingdom
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Well you can't se my face or name soi really do not care for what youthink about what i write but name is 'SHH' so if you message me just write my name as shh

cute survey
Created by megan0867 and taken 99 times on Bzoink
Basic Info
First name: skye
middle name: none ya
age: 17
b-day: 3.31.1996
siblings: 2 :D
style: tom boy
pets: i have lots of fish??? and two dogs
religion: christian
weakness: my belly being poked :D hehe
perfect pizza: peperoni with cheasy crust
hair color: brown
piercings: nose belly and ears :D
color: blue or purple but purples to mainstream
movie: warm bodies
candy: kazoozle
drink: vanilla coke
food: any
day of week: wednesday
season: summer
sport: football
radio station: 98.9
teacher: wihtol
holiday: easter it remnds me of my mom who moved away :)
quote: "The gratest thing you'll eve learn, is t love and be loved in return"
memory: riding a bike
ice cream: mint cookie dough
cereal: cap'in crunch :D
place to visit: Italy
veggie: idk lol
fruit: apple
salad dressing: RANCH!!
cousin: bubba
body part of opposite sex: eyes *if blue,green, or brown* no hazel!!
this or that
summer or winter: summer
cellphone or ipod: cellular device duh
chocolate or vanilla: both
car or bike: car
ocean or pool: pool
pink or purple: purple
In the past month
drank: no well non-alcoholic drinks yess
failed a test: yes
been home alone: yes
stayed home from school: yes
mall: yes
yelled at someone: yes
got into a fight or argument: ye
cried to a friend: no
been depressed: no
missed an old friend that you wish u still seen: yes
have you ever
danced in a public place: yes
smiled for no reason: yes
skinny dipped: yes
got a detention: no
seem a famous person: no
done drugs: no
smoked: no
had a 1 night stand: no
been out of the country: yes
slept outdoors: yes
thought about suicide: no
gone more than 1 day w/o food: no
why?: whatt!
made out w/ a stranger: yes
been betrayed by someone you thought was ur friend: yes
been rejected: ye
cheated on homework: yes
lied to get out of trouble: yes
wanted to be a model: yes
prank called 911: naw man i dont do that yess:( lol
been walked in on when naked: yes
been to hospital: yes
burt yourself: yes
gotten a ticket: no
flew on a plane: yes
been mooned: yes
flipped someone off: yes
been drunk: yes bt no
8 things you absoultly hate
8 things you love: my friend,guys,school,computers,tecnology,modern medicine,my dog,my faniy
4 fav stores: claires,hot topic,spencers,idk hrst the foo curtlol
top 6 fears: being touhed,bad breath,deep water na
4 things wearing right now: clots
top 5 t.v. shows: idk
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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