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About Me

Alright, so about me. I've been writing off and on for about eight years. I have never finished any of the novels i've begun and hope to change that soon. My grammar is horrible, but my spelling is decent. I grew up here in the southern united states and thus have come to create improper sentences in my head. If this can be overlooked, i'd appreciate it. I am always open to criticism, as it is a great motivator.

In many of my works, I have a tended to jump around a lot. This confuses some people, and if you encounter one of my rambling writings I apologize in advance. Sometimes I feel the need to let out a scene that is playing in my head. This isn't a mistake in itself, but publishing the scene before proofreading it is. You will soon discover the black abyss that is my mind if you should come across one of these works.

I read a lot of Sci-Fi and History books. Fantasy was interesting to me as a child, but since i've grown i've found Sci-Fi to be closer to my state of mind. Does that make sense? Anyway, my main interests are set in a post-apocalyptic time. The sort of "Mad Max" type material. I honestly can't think of writing anything else. This may be due to the fact that I was brought up in a sheltered life by a Soviet-era survivalist. The end of the world always seems just around the corner.

The technology and lifestyles of a post-apocalyptic setting always fascinate me. How would people act in such a time? What sort of technology would survive to be used? These are the sort of questions I think about when i'm writing. The thing is, if you put enough thought into how and why these things could happen, almost anything is possible.

As I said earlier, I am very open to criticism. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail full of helpful hints or vile curses. I really enjoy hearing from people who read my writings. There isn't much posted on this site by me, but I plan to remedy that soon. I feel like this site has given me the drive to write once more. An outlet to share my thoughts. Please review as I get a lot of motivation from reviews and will very, very much appreciate it.