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About Me

Short Version:
I'm a software developer by education (and hobby growing up), but I'm a martial artist and book lover by heart.
I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, and dark works, and I am a devout Christian, though not as devout as I'd like to be. :)
I'm married to the love of my life, and I have a wonderful little dog, too.

Longer Version:
I've been a geek and nerd since I was little. I lived in Michigan for a bit, and I remember reading Star Trek novels under my desk in 5th grade math class. I'd go home and design space ships based on whatever latest technology and theories were out. I loved my drafting table.
I eventually tried drawing like the comics. I did pretty well, but lost interest eventually. It took me forever to get a scene done! :)
I came to Christ in my early teens. I was always raised Christian, but I can't put a specific memory to it. I just always remember being involved with church groups, reading the Bible, and loving God.
I started writing in my my mid to later teens. I wrote about darkness and love. Eventually it turned out that I had clinical depression. That's a whole story of it's own! I wrote poetry, but was scared to try prose and story-writing, though I kept reading more and more, mostly sci-fi and fantasy.
I worked for a company in the computer game industry for a number of years, doing things like going to Scotland to set up an international center, helping to test the original Unreal (I'm in the readme) and training tons of people on technical support and customer service.
Now I do software development, and I'm writing again. I'm much more of a people person than I once was, and I am designing a MMRTS on the side.
Last year I got married and it was the most wonderful day in my life!
I've also been involved with the martial arts for years. I'm a member of the Christian Black Belt Association. I started (for less than a year) in Kung Fu, had to be away for a while and came back to Tae Kwan Do under an old high school friend back from the Marine Corps. I've studied TKD for about 7-8 years (with a break in there somewhere) and I've also studied some Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian ji-jitsu. My wife trains with me (her original background was Shotokan) and we really enjoy it, particularly that we can do something like that together. The CBBA has a yearly conference where we get exposed to tons of other styles too in seminars, and it's very eye-opening.
For genres I've included some that I don't write in yet, but might in the future or have ideas about.
Thanks for reading this. I told you it was the long version!