Publishers : Coffe House Press

Coffe House Press

Coffe House Press

Books Per Year: 12
Publishes Hardcover Books: Yes
Publishes Paperback Books: Yes
Publishes E-Books: No
Average Royalty: 8%
Time to Publication: 18 months

Submission Information

  • Contemporary Literature
  • Ethnic
  • Experimental
  • Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Short Story Collections
  • Poetry

Submission Methods
  • Accepts Unsolicited Manuscripts

  • SASE
  • Cover Letter

Response Times
Queries: 1 month
Manuscripts: 4 months

Contact Information

Chris Fischbach (snr editor)

27 N. Fourth Street, Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Fax 612-338-4004
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