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General Guidelines: We are seeking submissions in the following categories, but not limited to: · Action/Adventure · BDSM · BBW · Chick Lit · Comedy · Contemporary · Fantasy / Magic · Gay / Lesbian · Historical · Horror · Inspirational · Interracial / Multicultural · Mainstream · Mystery / Suspense / Thriller · Mythology · Paranormal (including aliens, ghosts, psychic powers) · Romance o Sweet o Sizzling-Hot (Erotic Romance) § Action / Adventure § BDSM § BBW § Chick Lit § Comedy § Contemporary § Fantasy / Magic § Futuristic § Gay / Lesbian § Historical § Horror § Interracial / Multicultural § Mystery / Suspense / Thriller § Mythology § Paranormal (including aliens, ghosts, psychic powers) § Science Fiction § Shifters § Time Travel § Urban Fantasy § Western § Vamps · Science Fiction / Futuristic · Shifters · Time Travel · Urban Fantasy · Western · Vamps · Young Adult Preferred Word Count: 30,000 words and above, but we do accept shorter stories with a minimum word count of 15,000 words. We do not accept manuscripts which contain the following: * Rape as a means to arouse the reader. If rape is needed in the plot, then it should be done off stage or in good taste so as not to titillate. * Incest * Bestiality (i.e. sex with animals. Shape shifters and aliens do not belong to this category.) * Necrophilia (i.e. sex with dead persons) * Golden showers * Racial and religious intolerance * Pedophilia (Sex with children is a definite no-no!) We offer a publishing contract based on terms and conditions as defined by EPIC with royalties at 40% of the cover price. Let your imagination run wild! Allow your creative juices to flow! Special Guidelines for Sizzling-Hot Romances (Erotic Romance): We love nothing better than to read about stories where love triumphs at the end of the day. "Happy-ever-after" or "happy-for-now" endings always give us this rush of warm feelings that make us feel happy and comfortable and a sense that all is right with the world. However, we also want to read about the steamy, passionate sides of our heroes and heroines, about the sensual pleasures and naughty games they play inside the bedroom.... or outside! We are seeking EROTIC ROMANCE STORIES that dare to push the envelope and walk the edge, with interesting storylines and unique characters !!! Heat Level: All levels of heat and sensuality are welcome, but no closed doors or purple prose, please. Bear in mind though that sex is NOT the main focus nor should the story be a series of sex scenes strung together by a thin thread of a plot. Sex scenes should have their place and meaning in the story, and not gratuitously included to satisfy word count or any other reason. Happy Ending Is A Must. The main characters of your story should be seen entering or having an agreement (whether spoken or unspoken) to enter into an exclusive relationship at the end of the book. If you have queries on the guidelines above, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected] .

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They appear to be a new start-up, so the usual caveats apply. Seems like a nice group of people though.