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About Me

I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BA in Writing and Linguistics, concentration of Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology.

I originally began with intentions on pursuing nursing, but writing was all I could think about. I was torn because I loved healthy and medicine--still do, actually--but I loved writing more. I wanted to WRITE. I wanted to become a better writer. I wanted to learn about WRITING. I didn't want an BA in English with a concentration on Creative Writing. Nothing against people with those degrees--that's awesome that you made it! It's just not what I wanted.

I have been working on the same damn novel since I was 10. I began writing when I was in the 2nd grade, and in 4th grade, I wrote and illustrated a 100 page comic book. In the summer going into 7th grade, I wrote over 250 pages of the novel I am still working on today. I have started it over so many times. As I have grown, so has my story. As I have gotten better at writing, my story has gotten better. I am so thankful for GA Southern's program and all the wonderful writers I got to work with.

To me, writing is a need. It's so much more than a hobby. If I don't write, I just don't feel right. It's like medicine to me. I am passionate about it. I love words, and I love mixing and matching them. I am passionate about the reader, my audience. I want to create an enjoyable experience for and within you. It's not about me; it's about YOU.

I had the awesome opportunity to study under Janisse Ray, whose memoir has won Book of the Year (You gotta Google this lady. She is AMAZING!). I took a Writing Memoir course with her, and she was the one who really gave me the push I needed, especially after having just transferred and changed from a nursing major to my new major. I learned a lot from her.

I will be more than happy to read your work and critique it, if you like. However, I am honest. I try to be honest in a "polite" way, but please do not take it personally if I say something you may not like. That was the hardest thing I had to conquer while at Georgia Southern. It was painful to do those workshops, but the feedback truly helps.

If you can, I encourage you to go to GA Southern. They have an AMAZING program. If you truly want to become a better writer and meet and work with some awesome writers, go there.

Maybe if I can grow close enough to some of you, I can share my work. I really struggle with sharing such a personal part of me (my writing) to just about everyone, even my husband. I just struggle. I don't trust anyone with it. But I know how important a writing community is, and I hope I can form that with you.

I'm an open book, which is one reason why I love memoir. I am currently working on one, from when my mother got sick and died to about recently, just hitting the ten year mark of her death. I went through a lot during that time, and I don't have any problems about sharing it.

If you wanna know anything else, just ask.