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About Me

I was born with a pen in my hand, and taught myself to type out of my father's college typing manual age 7. I wrote my first book as soon as I learned the ropes. Practically every day of my life has been recorded in journals since that time, and I have them all stored in massive antique trunks which are now brimming over.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a film director, absolutely smitten with the medium. Writing seemed to banal, since it was something daddy did. He was a notorious investigative journalist and because of him, I grew up in newsrooms and in front of the tube watching 60 Minutes instead of Sesame Street.

When I failed out of college and got caught doing all manner of illegal activities to support my awful and trifling social calendar in Athens, Georgia, I figured I had to do something. The only thing I knew how to do was write and take photos, so that's what i did. I bought a Writer's Market, read the how-tos on query letter-writing, and went for it.

It was tough for a couple of years, but I eventually broke into the national market covering the highly controversial burgeoning sport, The Ultimate Fighting Championship. I covered it regularly for Black Belt magazine, and sold it to an assortment of other publications like skin mags and travel/adventure journals.

I landed a sweet gig with Penthouse in 1996 covering another high-profile maverick event, Mark Burnett's Eco-Challenge. I stuck with those events for several years, taking advantage of the travel to far flung exotic locales with some of the best athletes/accomplished individuals the world had to offer.

I just hustled, made contacts everywhere I landed. Morocco was home five years in a row every Spring when I went to cover the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert. It was a 150-mile footrace in 140 degree temperatures, complete with camels, countless foreigners and stories I'll never have time to tell in one lifetime.

I have written for magazines and websites here in the U.S. and abroad steadily for a decade, doing it full-time. I've hit six continents and done some pretty incredible things that I would never have done if someone hadn't been paying me big bucks to do it. I collected assignments like trophies - the more sensational the better.

Other stories came amidst the travels, like the homeless in NY, one of my personal favorites. I spent as much time in NY as possible since as a writer you can never grow bored with it. Subway performers, highbrow charity event galas....

Now I'm working on a screenplay about a bank robber babe in L.A. and prepping my first novel, UNDERBELLY, to go find a nice agent to huddle up with until somebody grabs it up. I'm also in the process of marketing/editing a trilogy of books based on my life with a mass murderer my father spent ten years writing a book about back in the early 80s - before crime turned into "seriously entertaining" fodder for mainstream markets.

It wasn't everyday a little girl had a pet murderer. He was executed in 2003, 30 years after being convicted of slaying 6 members of the Alday farm family in 1974.

That's me. That's Robin.


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Posted 17 Years Ago

What the? I thought the profile said Ben? Ah, what the hey, welcome to the cafe'.

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Posted 17 Years Ago

Hello Ben, And welcome to the Cafe'. I read your self-description and that's great but are you going to post anything for us to read? We share our meals here at the Cafe'..though a few growl and snap, we're all harmless enough...I think,..I Hope! LOL