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About Me

My autobiography in an extended metaphor:

Royal Records

And The Quest For Happily Ever After

The official celebrations began in this world years ago as the King and Queen declared the birth of the new princess. Not like they hadn�t already had eight children ahead of me, so I was far from being the heir, but still I found my place in the world as I grew up in the conglomerate palace in the luxurious land of Castle Rock. For two years I was raised in this kingdom with extra care from the Queen herself until the new and final princess was born leaving me with nine royal siblings. During my youth, I found that the most magical part of my extravagant life was the fact that I cherished my imagination. Of course, I was very unladylike and often got royal swats when I chose to exaggerate such tales to make myself more interesting. My siblings thought of me as a liar due to this lack of etiquette. Obviously, my head was outgrowing my tiara. However, as I continued through my studies (though, no private tutor was necessary I suppose) I came to find that like many of the Disney princesses I admired, I enjoyed spending my time singing. When I found others appreciated it too, I flourished with my gift. I soon joined alliances with music�s paramour and fell in love with the theater and everything it held. My love of the theater led me to writing scripts for myself in hopes that I would one day be known throughout the world. That didn�t work, but it lead to my erudition that I possessed ink in my veins! Writing became a part of my princess-in-training lifestyle and I have declared it a splendid hobby ever since as my dreams of living in the theater departed. Unfortunately, as exciting as this all was, I found it ill-fated that after my mother, the Queen, passed away about a year ago I was placed atop a high tower. After she left the world, I had an enchanted curse in my heart due to most of my elder brothers and sisters already having been wedded. I developed a feeling as though I were the new heir to the throne. No shoe seemed to fit right for months. To make matters worse, six months later my father remarried and now I have to endure an evil stepmother like the damsel in distress I am. For the time being, I await the day Prince Charming will come along on his dashing white steed to slay the dragon and rescue me from the tower to find my Happily Ever After.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Missing your stuff.
Need work that made me think and feel something.
Desperate for inspiration. Update soon and let me know =]
Merry Xmas!

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Posted 11 Years Ago

haha, nah that isn't creepy at all. Well... sort of. See, the only writing site I've been to before this one was, which closed down about a month ago due to some problems. So, if you were a member there then maybe you might have read some of my works then =]

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hey =] Thank you reviewing my work. I think i have reviewd most of your works too and believe me when i say this, I am a fan. You give romance a whole new meaning rather than it being the over-rated words we love to hate. Beautiful work. Will review more later. I have to study for this damn test. Thanks again! =]