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About Me

I’m a trailer park kid from Minnesota who moved around a lot and never called anywhere home. I have no culture of my own, so I borrow.

I’m a stupid libertarian who will never make anything of himself because he’s too damned concerned about doing the right thing.

I love the world, and decided early on the best thing I could do with my life is to try and understand it. I think understanding just makes things more magical.

I don’t passively accept anything. I challenge everything. If I read a book that inspires me, I want to write a book. If I hear a rock song that moves me, I want to write a rock song. If I see a painting that excites me, I want to paint. I’ve always been that way.

I’m a scientific rationalist, an existentialist, and I also believe in the Thermodynamic Miracle.

I’m not particularly beautiful.

I don’t talk much.

I sometimes find it difficult to sit still.

I often laugh at really inappropriate times because I’ve just thought of something funny.

I believe that philosophy is therapy. I also believe Tai Chi is practical philosophy.

I’m mostly happy, but sometimes sad. Occasionally both at once. As long as I’m feeling I’m Ok.

I am always curious.

I have an excellent memory for ideas and thoughts that excite me. But I couldn’t tell you what I had for breakfast.

I like everybody. Just nobody that much.