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yvo miki (new account)


hello my friends

waskom, TX
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About Me

sorry yall I had to make another one but this is still yvo miki

my school has blocked writerscafe and I had to make another this is crazy it has nothing bad on here I wish they had not blocked it
I lost all my writings I had and all my friends so it u where my friend send me a request it will say im always logged in because it wont let me log in but will let me make another one ...

im 18 year old and im working on becoming a writer and will need your help I would like u to be honest to me and offer any help you can and any advice u can.im a nice person unless u make me mad then u wont like me but I can be super nice and will help a person in need

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Major Depression: Very High
Dysthymia: High
Bipolar Disorder: Slight
Cyclothymia: Moderate
Seasonal Affective Disorder: High
Postpartum Depression: N/A
im a shy person and I like people to start the converstion I don't have a lot of self-esteem I see myself as ugly and fat but hate it people are mean to me or my friends

I would want you to read my profile before you send a friend request

:) :) :"")

most of my writings are fantasy I do some poem though I love ,love storys
I like to draw and read.i like anima and im a fangirl.i love rock music and country
my favorite book is divergent
I belive in god if you don't please worn me first
because if you critsize my belifes I will go into a rant

look everyone that is my friend on here I love yall ,yall have help me through a lot and feel safe when I write on here because I know yall care and will not judge me now I know some of yall don't know this but im bi and I know this is wrong and stuff but its how I feel I like being silly so ya im very loveable and sweet sometime ill have mood swings were ill be happy on mintune then sad the next I suck at spelling and grammer but all my peaces have meaning to me and express me .
one of my fav band is
blood on the dance floor
metallica (I think I misspelled it but whatever)
linkin park
my fav colors are
black (most fav)
im used to cut myself and tried to kill myself about three times
I get bullied a lot called fat and ugly
they think im a freak here at my school here on this site I feel like I fit in its nice and I don't want to lose any of my friends on here I will not date people on here because my mom would freak out
my real dad used to beat me and I have epulese I was born with it
I was also born with a curved pikie but I love my pikie so ya
at school I only have four friends which im very close with

mika is my sister by friendship

I also have another that is by blood her name is Hannah and I love her she is the best sister ever

mika I love you and will always be there for u


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Posted 6 Years Ago

because I could not login my old one on the computer im on right now

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Why did you make a new one?