Prologue: The Party and the Bite.

Prologue: The Party and the Bite.

A Chapter by †The†Emo†Girl†

The Party and the Bite. Full off drugs, sex, drinks and.... vampires?!


Prologue: The Party and the Bite.

"One thing vampire children are taught is, never run with a wooden stake."

Jack Handy, 'Deep Thoughts'


I didn’t even want to be here!  I hated parties, and my best friend knew that.  I wasn’t very good at dancing " I was so clumsy I constantly fell everywhere " I couldn’t hold my drink properly " in other words, it didn’t take a lot of drinks to get drunk " and I didn’t even know anyone.  I’d been at home an hour ago, working on my essay for Mr Jacksons Science class when she’d come running round, long, black hair tied back, short skirt on, a top that barely covered her breasts and heels that made her look a couple inches taller than she actually was.  She’d also been wearing a lot of make-up which made her look like a Barbie. 

“Come on,” she’d said, “we’re going to a party.”

I’d told her I couldn’t, but she had somehow managed to win the argument, and here I sat, surrounded by drunken people dancing or making out, wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top.  I’d been wearing sweats and a jumper before and I’d stated that I wanted to stay in them, but Samantha had told me to change.  So I had, but I wasn’t going to wear anything as revealing at her.  She may have a boyfriend who humps her daily who loves her to show everything off, but I didn’t want to show anything off.  I didn’t even know I had this tank top in fact.

I was sat on a comfy, black leather sofa, a drink of Coke in one hand, the other hand resting on my lap.  My legs were crossed and I was tapping my foot clad in a black converse along to the beat of the music.  Two emo’s were making out heavily besides me.  Sam had long since disappeared into the upstairs of her best mate’s house with her boyfriend, still kissing, barely still in their clothes.  I had a good mind to leave her here and go back home, but it was nearly two am and everyone was too drunk to drive or walk me home.  And I didn’t know anyone; they were all mostly Goths and emo’s, each with several facial piercings, tattoos and way too much make-up on.  Their place faces turned to me as they danced or walked back.  I was out of place here.  Even though my pale skin matched some of their faces, my long, flowing light brown hair, no facial piercings, and no make-up on stuck out here like a Kiss fan at a JLS concert. 

I sighed and sipped my Coke.  It had long since gone flat but I didn’t mind.  It still tasted the same, just without the bubbles.  I was bored, and the music was starting to give me a headache.  I had no idea why Sam had decided to bring me.  I wasn’t a Goth or an emo, I wasn’t Scene, and I defiantly didn’t fit in here.  Maybe she was trying to hook me up with someone, it had been months since my last boyfriend, and we’d only broken up because I didn’t want sex.  I’m seventeen years old and probably the last virgin in my class!  Not that I cared, I wasn’t the sort of person who slept around, like most of my class and Sam.  Before Blake, she slept with anyone who she wanted too.  I rolled my eyes at myself and sighed again, putting my drink on a small table next to the sofa.  The room around me was dark, with DJ decks set up in the corner next to the drinks table.  The walls were a dark colour, but I couldn’t really see them since the only light in the room was a strobe light either side of the DJ decks.  I tried not to look at them since they hurt my eyes.  People blocked my view of the DJ; they were all using the floor of Sam’s friend’s basement to dance.  There were sofas along each wall, each with at last one couple kissing on it.

I was tired.  And I was bored.  And, because I’d been sat down for the past three hours, my butt was numb and my left leg had pins and needles.  I stood up and stretched, my tank top riding up slightly so my belly button appeared.  I dropped my arms and my belly button disappeared.  I looked around, still bored.  And that’s when I saw him.  It was like the crowd of dancers had parted, giving me a full view of the tall, muscular figure leaning against the bar, watching me.  His hair was short, but not spiky.  His fringe flopped over his left eye.  There was a small smirk of his pale pink, full lips.  His skin seemed to stand out more with each flash of colour from the strobe light.  He was clad in black, with a black leather jacket to match.  He looked… sexy!  I couldn’t make out the colour of his eyes, but they were locked onto mine.  I blushed a light pink colour, my cheeks warming and turned to grab my Coke. When I turned back, he’d gone.  I frowned a little, searching the dance floor and the edges of it for him, but he’d gone.  D****t!  I sighed and headed over to the drinks table where a little wash box was set up.  The water had been changed and it was clear, with bubbles sitting on top.  I quickly cleaned and dried my glass before sliding it back onto the table.  I didn’t care about Sam anymore, she could stay upstairs f*****g Blake all night, I was going home. 

I headed for the front door, coughing when I walked through the smoke seven girls were producing.  All Goths, sat on a corner sofa, puffing away whilst their boyfriends sat next to them, some with their girl’s legs over theirs or with their girls on their laps.  I walked straight past them, a few of them turning their heads to me.  It was understandable, I guessed.  I wondered if that guy at the bar was staring at me for that same reason.  He fit in perfectly here with his dark clothes, I stuck out.  Or he was just wondering if I would be a good f**k.  Screw him anyway, I’d off home to my warm bed.  He could go and eye f**k some other girl.  I smiled as the cool night air flew into my face as I stepped outside.  The basement had been stuffy and smelt like sex.  Out here it was nice, cool, and smelt like the wood the town was surrounded by.  I smiled, tucked my hair behind my ear, pulled on my jacket that I’d grabbed on my way out and set off down the road.  The moon was full tonight, casting a silvery glow on the houses, front lawns and road.  It was nice, it made even the rubbish covered pavement look pretty.  I loved the night, which was the funny thing about me.  You could see the stars and the moon at night.  I knew that sometimes you could see a faint moon in the sky in the day sometimes, but I liked to see it at night. 

I didn’t live far from Sam’s mate’s house.  The town was only small and the only thing I really had to use my car for was when I went to do some serious shopping.  You had to drive to the next town for that.  We have a few shops in Morganville, but they weren’t big enough for when you needed a big shop.  Sure, there were a few small food shops and a HMV, but that was it really.  The only other thing was a walking equipment shop.  There were quite a few trails going through the forest.  I’d used one or two in the past sometimes with my parents.  I looked to my left to see the forest, bathed in the silvery glow from the moon.  In the dark, the forest looked menacing and dangerous usually, but in the glow of the moon, it looked… perfectly normal, peaceful and beautiful.  Not that I didn’t find the forest beautiful anyway, I loved nature. 

I suddenly stopped, the hair on the back of my neck standing on end, a weird tingly feeling swept over my body, making my shiver.  Suddenly, it was really cold.  I pulled my coat tighter around me and glanced around.  The street was empty, the houses had no lights on at the windows.  I could hear the faint music of the party just down the street.  I kept walking, almost jogging now.  I rounded the corner, running along the side of the storage building next to me.  I stopped again when I saw someone stood just up ahead.  I could just about see him.  It was the guy from the party, the one that had been staring at me.  I froze as his eyes locked on mine. In this light, his skin was silvery, and his eyes were a dark colour.  He took a step towards me, I took a counter-step backwards.  He smirked, one corner of his mouth lifting up, a wicked glint in his eyes.  I bit my lip and took another step backwards.  He started walking towards me, without pausing.

I gasped and turned to run, but two, cool hands clamped down on my shoulders.  No way could he have gotten to me that fast.  I gasped and struggled, trying to get out of his grip.  He pushed me up against the wall, I gasped when my back hit the cool brick.  He pinned me up against it with his body.  Tiny, electric shocks ran through my body.  Was he going to rape me?!  Why else would he follow me from the party and ram me up against the wall?!  I gasped as his lips came into contact with the base of my throat.  They were cool, cooler than usual, they sent more shocks through me.  My hands gripped his forearms as he grabbed my hips, keeping me against the wall.  He growled, yes growled, against my skin and I gasped again, breathing heavily now.  He pulled back, and that’s when I saw his eyes.

They were blood red.

I screamed.  No-one can have red eyes!  And not that red!   They were pure red, not even contact lenses could go that red.  It was like his eyes were swimming with blood.  His plump, full lips pulled back into a smirk, revealing two very sharp teeth protruding from his gums.  Fangs!  I gasped again, a lump showing up in my throat.  I tried to scream but nothing came out.  He clasped one hand around my throat and lightly squeezed, not fully cutting off my hair, but he put slight pressure on my wind pipe.  I drew in deep breaths as he growled again.  I tried to knee him in-between his legs, he growled and grabbed my leg with his free hand, pushing it back down.  The hand on my throat moved to my hair and he wrenched my head to the side, exposing the side of my neck.  Oh, God!   I struggled as he kissed the skin on my neck and then licked it.  I shivered and he growled.  It was an animal growl, nothing human in it at all.  Something sharp brushed my neck and then a stinging pain as he plunged those razor sharp fangs into my delicate skin.

I let out a silent scream, my body rising up onto its tip-toes.  He was taller than me, and my movement meant his fangs buried themselves into my skin more.  Wet heat bolted through my body.  There wasn’t any pain, just hot, erotic heat that washed through my body like waves on a shore.  I closed my eyes against it as he groaned against my skin.  I could feel him gripping my hair as he drew mouthful after mouthful of my blood.  I was already starting to feel lightheaded.  He lifted me and my legs automatically wrapped around his cool waist.  I gripped his arms tightly, leaning my head back against the cool bricks behind me.   He grabbed my hands, entwined our fingers and pressed the backs of my hands against the wall, his palms pressing against mine.  I felt myself slipping away.  My body felt like jelly as my legs tightened around his waist. I felt something hard against my thigh but I couldn’t care at this moment.  The wet, erotic heat threatened to overwhelm me, drowning my body from the inside out. 

A trickle of blood slid down my neck and onto my tank top.  The vampire gripped my hands as he pushed me against the wall more, groaning against my neck as he drew mouthful after mouthful of blood from me.  I was going to die, right here, pressing up against the wall by a vampire.  I felt his fangs slide out of my neck and I moaned at the feeling.  He wasn’t drinking my blood anymore, but the wet heat still coursed through my body, making me breath heavily.  He was still hard on my leg as he pulled back to look at my face.  There was blood on his lips and I felt more blood slid down my neck and join the blood on my tank top.  His eyes were a brighter red now, if that was even possible.  He bent down and licked from the top of my breast to the bite marks.  I shuddered a little, barely able to open my eyes.  He lifted his head, kissing and sucking along my jaw, probably leaving a trail of blood.  He finally reached my lips with his kissed; I could taste my own blood on my lips.  I’d remember the coppery, tangy taste for years to come.  He probed my lips with his tongue, demanding entry.  In my weakened state, he pried them open and moved his tongue in, probing and remembering every inch of my mouth.   I moaned and he growled in response.  He pulled back and I let my head roll so my left ear was pressed against my left shoulder.  I’d subconsciously offered my neck to him again, but he didn’t seem to care.  He looked at me, worry suddenly crossing his features.  My eyes fluttered and I heard him say something. 

But I never heard it, I’d passed out.

© 2010 †The†Emo†Girl†

Author's Note

This is the first chapter, guys! Would love commets telling me where I'm going wrong and where I'm going right! Thanks. :)

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