Get to know someone!!

Get to know someone!!

A Poem by Samantha Heaton

This litterly happend to me...


If I had one wish
I would wish for these scars on my wrist
to  go away, so right when people see me
they dont have a reason to judge me.

Walking in walmart
this little girl walked up to me and said this
"My mommy says you warship the devil
because you have scars on your arm,
Is that true?

I simply replied
Go tell your mom
she will burn in hell
The little girl ran off and about 5 minutes later
I had security on my a*s

appartnly I was threatning the b***h
I told the fat man this

That lady shouldnt have judged me
just becuz I dont have a perfect arm!

The officer told me
Next time you come into walmart
try wearing a sweatshirt,

I asked him why
and he said It would of solved all this!

I turned away from the fat man and
the lady who couldnt keep her opinons to herself
holding my finger high!

I then turned around to them both
and said
You think you know me just becuz of whats on my wrist
But you havnt even said 30 words to me yet

I hope you all understand that I will pray for you
But imma pray for you to burn in hell..
I gave them my middle finger again

then turned around to walk back home...

© 2011 Samantha Heaton

Author's Note

Samantha Heaton
Yes this actrully happend in Wal-Mart... But Tell me how you think of it!!

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I understand that certain situations cause us to react in certain ways but I have to agree with dinique! Instead of praying for something like "burning in hell" try praying for ppl to see pass labels! What that woman said was very sad and inappropriate to tell her daughter but (i dont mean to sound harsh) you're using the words b***h and fat to refer to ppl. Please understand, i by no means support what she said! good piece though, filled with emotions

Posted 11 Years Ago

Eye opening for thing and I'm sorry about what happened that was cruel what that woman did, however I must say this the reaction you had wasn't the best either "be the bigger person" I know that it's cliche but it's true and you shouldn't pray for someone to burn in hell that's cruel as well and you sunk to her level. Two wrongs honestly don't make a right. But a captivating read I couldn't stop reading and it truly does suck that this is a true story :(

Posted 11 Years Ago

Ignorant walmart shoppers lol. I hate them.

Posted 11 Years Ago

dam the rudeness of some people, judging and especially to that point, and the lil kid ... wow...sorry this happened to you, not a great day and moment, nice write tho, great hmm venting and story, really filled of feeling in the moment, can just sort of picture it

Posted 11 Years Ago

That's messed up!! I hate that happened; but, some people are idiots. What the woman and the security guard should have both said was "She survived" and should not have judged you. For whatever your past presented that caused you so much pain. I am glad you have survived to meet the new challenges that each day brings. You are strong and courageous, Sam. I am so blessed to be your new friend. Keep giving them hell. LOL ~Paedams

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh wal-mart, what will you cause next? If you ever see someone running through there with plastic swords or guns, its probably me :) I love the poem and I can relate. People need to not judge a book by its cover.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I agree with your attitude. Some people need to pay attention to their life and leave you alone. I would do the same thing. Need to share the one finger hello with people with too much concern for people they do not know. I would of told her. I was the Devil and best leave me alone. A very good ending to a excellent poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great rhythm. Awful story. Not as in bad, but as in people shouldn't judge. I have a friend with scars on her arms, she stopped over a year ago but it's only just now that she's brave enough to wear short sleeves.
I cannot stand stupid people.

Posted 11 Years Ago

*high five* people need to understand that it's not right to judge people.Good job for taking a stand

Posted 11 Years Ago

Thats FUCKED-UP! That pisses me off that beacause we have scars on are arms people juge us.
Stay strong,Stay you!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Samantha Heaton
Samantha Heaton

What did I do wrong, IL

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