A Chapter by Bella Kelly

Her body moved like she didn’t care who was watching. She should be in private, doing those things, but then again, she was dancing alone. Not that it mattered. All eyes were on that usually subdued figure as her head tilted back, throat convulsing with the intake of Alcohol. The dim lighting and music and hot vodka made her comfortable to dance like that. Normally the girl blushed and laughed at songs like Love Game, but everyone knew that that there was more to that girl than just a dirty mind. But none of her friends were brave enough to jump out there and dance with her like that.


But he was. Tall and blonde and every bit as light as her. Lighter, even. But he didn’t like people staring at his best friend like animals. The girl was vulnerable right now, and the only one she trusted to not take advantage of her weakness was him. Everywhere around the room graduation caps hung, gowns forgotten on the pool deck. The party was a mess of orange and blue, school pride. Pride for the walls they’d never return to. Most people here had known each other they’re entire trip through high school, others had just met. But here, there was a camaraderie. In JROTC everyone was friends. Everyone loved drama and partying and playing. Because it was the end of the day. And they played as hard as they worked.


These two, best friends, were no exception. He’d never seen her so drunk, neither had anyone else. But it was common knowledge that Gabrielle Hansen could hold her liquor and not lose herself. Tonight she wanted to get lost. She’d done an excellent job of it. Izaak weber, the tall blue eyed man who made it his duty to dance with her took the bottle of Smirnoff, from the girl, not caring to hide cutting her off. But Gabby didn’t make a scene of it. Instead she draped her naked arms over his shoulders, making a face like she intended so much more than he could comprehend of her. Her bottom lips jutted out, shimmering from the liquid that wetted her lips. Licking them clean, the piercing on her tongue glinted. Chief had been pissed when Gabby’d gotten it. Aw Hell, she hated that old goof anyhow. And now none of that mattered. Just lke he was supposed to here, Izaak grabbed her hips with one hand. Her back arched, and his free hand ran up her belly, between her cleavage with the pink polka dot push up bra that she only used to pronounce the white b**b shirt more. Other guys would have lost it. But Izaak was just dancing. And so was Gabby. He let his large hand caress her neck, like they were so much more, and Gabby reacted, dropping her head and shoulders back. That dark brown mess of glittery curls tumbled off her shoulders, and her entire upper torso was supported by his hand.

He pulled her up, their faces coming so close he could tell her flavor. Her pink lips and open mouth did everything to invite anyone else in, but Izaak wasn’t one to take the false bait. Green eyes opened little slits, as she looked up into his eyes, completely serious in expression. Their bodies pressed hard against each other, writhing in a completely adult manner to the beat of the music. Her eyes moved from his ice to the jaw line he kept shaved so neatly down to his neck, falling on the clavicle. Izaak refused to lose his black V cut tee shirt, even though the thing was still damp from being thrown into the pool by a group of unruly guys being ‘funny’. Now it clung to each muscle that carved out his silhouette. Gabby bit her lip. Izaak’s Adams apple bobbed as he gulped down air, and she did the same, as suddenly the song came to it’s end.


The next song was one ordered by the corps ‘jerk’. Castillo grinned, bouncing into the middle of the room, and everyone knew he was about to show off his moves for the millionth time. For a second, though, the two stayed there, so close it was too much, suspended in time. But Gabby couldn’t hold it in forever. Her giggle burst out of her mouth and the girl stumbled back, holding her sides from laughing. And he was laughing, too, and there was no sexual tension at all.


These two were like that ,and that was all. No one expected anything else, though they all suspected so much more. But what lies beneath was best left buried. Gabby grabbed Izaak’s arm, leading him outside into the bright night. The moon was huge over head, and dozens of lights lit up the enormous backyard like a club. Orange and blue everywhere. But the party out here was more mellow as people hunkered down, munching on chips and finishing hotdogs or burgers. The pools was filled with articles of clothing, a beach ball and other random swimming apparel, no one knew what belonged to who. But guys and girls alike had lost their shirts, girls at least saved by skimpy bikini tops.In the shadow of a fat, short palm Gabby fell into a lounge chair, sideways, making room for Izaak. He sat, resting his head on her stomach. To them, despite the loud socializing and bass from the music inside, it was quiet. The two didn’t talk, just sat there, enjoying the night. As always, though, Gabby spoke first.


“Thank you.”




“Not making me dance alone…”


“Eh.” It was his expected reply, but it really did mean a lot to Gabrielle, even if Izaak didn’t know it. She knew how he hated to dance, and she hadn’t wanted some creeper coming up to dance with her. Gabby massaged her best friends scalp, tilting her head to rest it against the back of another lounger, closing her eyes.


“Is it really over, Izaak?” She whispered, the barest hint of a tremble in that dark chocolate voice. “Are we really graduated, going on to college?” His answer was simple, as always. A “Yup.” that sufficed for all. It was final, and the door shut. No looking back, it told her. Gabby took a deep breath. “We’re off to college.”


“You are.” Now Gabby sat up, looking down at Izaak as his head fell into her lap. Her eyebrows knitted together, eyes quizzical. “What do you mean, ‘I am’? You’re going to automotive school, aren’t you?” He shook his head and sat up, and for a moment Gabby was furious. He’d been so excited about it, too. “What do you mean?!” The girl repeated, scolding in a hushed voice. Her legs straddled the seat, butt sitting part way up the reclined back. His shoulders slumped but Gabby wouldn’t accept the shrug as an explanation this time.


It took some work, but finally Izaak relented. The words were crushing for Gabby, and he had known they would be. Izaak, a German citizen, had come to America in his Junior high years, and his Green Card was about to expire. Besides that, he was expected to return home to serve in the military. He said it was a requirement.


“I can’t afford to go through to process of becoming a legalized citizen, like I want.” Izaak looked away, getting irritated at the stupidity of it all. But he didn’t show her that. He didn’t show off his emotions much. Gaby was different, clearly upset. Her green eyes glittered with their red, teary rim. She bent towards him. “But there has got to be a way, Izaak. You can’t leave…” The girl knew it was pointless to plead with him. Izaak couldn’t change the way it was.


Gabby was upset. And Izaak had been the one to upset her. Again. He got made at himself for it, and decided to try and joke her out of the mood. “Hey, listen, you know if I could drag some random girl to the altar or whatever and live in the same house as her for two years I’d do it.” He shrugged, grinning. “But I’m not ready to be tied down that long, even if it’s not real.” He was joking about the marriage clause. Instead of laughing, or shaking her head and punching Izaak’s arm, Gabby sat back, pulling her legs up onto the seat. Her arms wrapped around her knees, bare in the shorts she wore to accommodate the hot night. That look in her eyes made Izaak worry. She was thinking, and that could either be great, or terrible.


“Hmmm…..c’mere.” the girl mumbled, making Izaak move. She pulled his hea, making the blonde man lay his head on her lap again, legs criss cross to provide comfort. He was quiet, worried that maybe he knew what she was thinking.


No one would think anything wrong of it, after all…

© 2010 Bella Kelly

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Bella Kelly
Red selections throughout this are subject to change

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A amazing story so far. Your description made the story come alive. Your detail and pace held my attention to the last words. A powerful story. The characters are interested. A excellent poem.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Bella Kelly

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