Night time conversation

Night time conversation

A Story by Fernando91

A man and a woman share words at a high end venue in the upper east side of New York City.


He sat on the barstool. Charlie sipped on his rum and coke, and looked around the room. After an afternoon of discussing deadlines for his new book and negotiating his new agent's percentage in the sales, he was exhausted. He felt nostalgic. He left home so much years ago, and who would've known that he would end up a VIP guest at Celtic Lounge, a classy bar on the top floor of a tall building in manhattan. But he was there. He wore a white slim fit dress shirt and a dark blue suit, tailored to perfection, made for him by his personal friend, Tom Ford. He drank as he sat at the bar stool and saw all the beautiful rich people drink their cocktails. 

His friends were all out of town, and he was in no mood to ask any of the girls he was dating to come out with him that night. The media would paparazzi him the moment he would park his car. His wonderful Aston Martin. His dream as a hardcore James Bond fan. He had come far since his days waiting tables at different pubs back home. He was bored, this new life had him stressed out and he felt tired of the same old routine every week. As he looked around the high end venue once more, he spotted two movie starlets he had taken home the weekend previous,  and around  five other girls he had already fooled around with. The crowd was full of socialites, young heiresses who threw him flirty looks. He was being invited to join different groups of important people all night, but he had declined all invitations. That evening he would just drink. Maybe at the end of the night take a nice looking girl back to his apartment. Then, Charlie saw what he didn't expect. 

A woman had taken the seat just two spots beside him. She whispered something into the bartender's ear. He smiled, and prepared her a drink. An old fashioned, from what he saw. Hard whiskey for such a feminine looking woman? he hadn't seen that from the typical vain, Manhattan socialite. She had gotten a drink off the bartender, no small feat since the young hipster had eyelashes flutter for him from the most beautiful women of New York City. She looked like a mix between asian and white, with green eyes and a beautiful smile. Her poised and elegant lips were scarlet, and she wore a red mini skirt which revealed the long, incredibly sexy legs the woman had. She seemed to not even take Notice of Charlie's presence. This bewildered him. Charlie finished off his simple drink and turned to speak to the attractive stranger. 'Quite a drink for a lady to order. Your either very powerful, a CEO maybe, or a daddy's girl. Either way, I admire a lady who can drink. My name's Charlie.' 

Charlie gave his most charming smile. He held out his hand expecting acknowledgement for his friendliness. The woman looked at him. She didn't smile, merely gave him a cold glance, smiled, and began drinking her cocktail. 'My mommy taught me that when one meets a new person, they should introduce themselves and not leave the other person hanging'. Charlie threw a flirty smile. The woman continued to drink. She then looked at him, and smiled. 'My daddy taught me that when someone is drinking, let them enjoy their drink. And hello Charlie'. She had a French accent and a devilishly seductive voice. 

There was something about this girl, not just because she didn't react to his initial advances, but because there was an enigma in her. Her eyes didn't reveal anything, and her delicate form and way of speaking led him to the conclusion that this was a smart woman, who didn't visit bars or nightclubs with any frequency. His interest grew. 'Well, does the lady have a name, just to not feel completely rejected, you know, so I don't cuddle my teddybear and suck my thumb all night wondering if your name was Apple or something. Forgive me, but you know how strange the names have gotten with the Manhattan socialites nowadays.' Charlie saw a small smile in the woman's exotic face. 'My name is Alaine. Now you can sleep in peace'. She looked away and continued sipping her whisky. 'Well let's suppose I'm still interested in speaking to said woman. Maybe she'll find it in her heart to humor said man.' 

He looked at her, and held eye contact, with a casual smile. 3 seconds passed. She then smiled. 'Said woman would only disappoint said man if they continued to speak, because said woman knows that Charlie Bash, said man, is a single bachelor who prides himself in sleeping with bimbos. Said woman knows that if he tried to talk to her, which he will, he will only try to get into said woman's panties, which she finds quite amusing, a little flattering, but quite honestly, impossible.' Her french accent was as cute as it was sexy. He was weak in the knees, for intelligent women with backbone. And of course, being 11 out of ten in the beauty scale didn't hurt either. 

'Ouch, right in the boules! well as you have so firmly shut the door on our possible bedroom story, would you still humor the fellow who so graciously complimented you on your drinking tastes?', said Charlie, as he moved to the space beside her and rested his face on his knuckles. 'Wow, you sure have a way with words Mr. Writer. Something I didn`t expect from an author of bland crime stories. I Thought you were more of an R.L Stein, rather than a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle'.

 Alaine smiled. She seemed rather pleased with herself. 'Wow, you actually know the difference between s****y mainstream writing, pardon my french, from the classics. More than I can say for the Paris Hilton wannabes round this place. And the ability to so swiftly put my writing efforts to shame was brilliant! tell me Alaine, do you have a boyfriend who enjoys your pleasantries, or are you the lone wolf type of gal?'. Alaine looked at him intrigued. ' Last time I checked this was harmless bar banter, and now your asking me about my boyfriend? your either persistent or just downright slow'. She laughed and sipped her old fashioned. Her dark hair was done up in curls, which fell upon her tanned, beautifully feminine shoulders. 

© 2012 Fernando91

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Intrguing write , as a reader I was caught up waiting for what comes next . Lovely.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This romps around in quite a furious way, Charlie being well aware of what he's been and what he now has and is. Not sure that I like the type of man he is, too arrogant, too self aware of riches and easy living.. somehow i feel there's going to be an almight crash in his life. The woman's character is typical glamour padding, at first mysterious, then she says 'wow' twice which surely wouldnt be part of the sophisticated thinking of such a creature .. but apart from that, she seems ready to take on Charlie.

Your paragraphs are full of over-statement which is what you want to create, and, perhaps far less heart than should be. But that's all part of the tawdry atmosphere you're introducing to your readers, Roll on the next part, please.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Your style of writing is really enjoyable. I really wish i could keep reading this, I'm definitely intrigued with the characters here.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Last Updated on May 20, 2012

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