A little introduction

A little introduction

A Chapter by Fernando91

This is what's up. This is what went down. This... is how it all began.

Every big story has a grand old start. A big bang, if you will. Not mine though. If you count washing dishes at a Chinese restaraunt for eight dollars an hour a big deal, then sure, I guess mine had a relatively regular start. It all began with the  bloated fantasy I had always dreamed about, as a kid watching those flashy movies being produced and filmed in the big city. Then seeing all the action, the girls, the money, and oh yes, the clothes.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Charlie Hanson, I'm twenty five and I'm lazy. My family said I'd never get anywhere in life. And they were partly right. Through clumsy coincidences, half assed attempts at success and alot of luck (thanks in part to my relatively pretty mug) I left my s****y house in nowheresville and ended up in the city of dreams, New Harmony. 
That's the good part. The easy part. But the difficult stuff started happening as I fell under the same spell everyone living in the big city sooner or later got enchanted by. The ambition. The big picture, the dream life was in front of me and I was too much of a fool to go out there and get it. Not working like a chump anyway. And when one is irresponsable, impulsive, and dumb,  like I was, then you do stupid things. This is the story of how fucked up my life became because I had my head too far up my a*s to realize what really matters in life. This is my story.

© 2012 Fernando91

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Added on November 17, 2012
Last Updated on December 18, 2012