Some Days

Some Days

A Poem by 1Disawsum

Still in a really depressed, pressured mood. It's been 3 weeks... I hate this mental illness.

Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate, and
Sometimes, I feel like I can't live on.
Sometimes, I can't find the energy,
Other days, I just give up.

Some days I feel like darkness,
Some days, I don't see the light.
Days like this drag on.
Sometimes, I miss the old me.

Sometimes, I don't want to do anything,
Sometimes, I find it hard to move on,
Sometimes, I cry all day long. 
Some days, I see how depressed I've come.

Everyday, i wish I was like my sister.
Everyday, I push myself to my limits,
To try to get as good as a mark,
As my sister did when she was my age.

Everyday, I feel stressed,

Everyday, I don't find the point of living,
When everyday, the pressure is tangible.
Everyday I wonder,
Am I really her sister?

Sometimes, I wish I could be a different person,
Some days, I just break down.
Those days my stomach tightens,
My thoughts are suicidal.

And on those days, I need someone to talk to,
Someone who cares, listens and understands.
Someone who has the right words to say,
Someone I know, someone I trust.

Silently, desperately seeking for help.
Wishing for my family to notice 
The pressure they put on me,
And the pressure I put on myself.

© 2015 1Disawsum

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Added on March 27, 2015
Last Updated on March 27, 2015



Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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A Poem by 1Disawsum