A Deep Pit of Sadness

A Deep Pit of Sadness

A Poem by 1Disawsum

A black hole in your heart, the constant nervousness in your stomach, the times where you cry for no reason, or over the tiniest of matters... this sickness is debilitating, and I've had enough now.

A deep pit of sadness,
The feeling I know all too well.
The feeling of giving up,
Having had enough of this life.

Feeling so tired and energy-less
No enthusiasm for living,
Suicidal thoughts in your head,
Just feeling so hopeless...

Wishing the feelings would all go away,
Wanting to wave the symptoms of
Sadness, anxiety, frustration, irritation,
Anger, annoyance and tiredness


The emptiness feeling is the worst.
The times when you don't feel,
Those are the time you are so desperate
To fele, you'd do anything to replace it.

So the feeling of sadness comes again,
The frustration, anger, irritation,
Lack of appetite, weight loss,
Wanting endless amounts of sleep.

It's so hard to cope with this life,
We stop, but the world continues,
It continues to spin, and life continues.
But for us, time stops completely. 

Stuck in this one phase,
Stuck in a place where nobody understands,
But us.
Snap out of it... wishing it could be that simple.

Nobody but the people who have 
Experienced this illness understands...
Where's the shoulder to lean on,
Where's the empathy, where's the sympathy...

The feeling of loss of control,
Wondering why we were subject to this feeling...
The sudden descent into sadness...
Nobody understands, but one thing is clear:

Anybody is subject to this disease.
The disease of the mind, the brain, the hormones.
Everyone learning about this disease..
But you'll neevr truly understand it,

Until you have experienced it yourself.

But through this illness, we can truly see
Who are out true friends and family,
And who are the ones who say things for show...
And who are the people who are afraid of us.

Wishing for this all to be over,
But depression is unlike
Any other illness.
It never goes away.

It's debilitating.

And I've had enough. 

© 2015 1Disawsum

Author's Note

Don't worry, I'm not planning to suicide... I've given up, tried too many times. Probably for the best I've given up!

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I did find a couple of typing mistakes that are easy fixes. Use the control+F search page function on these words spelled how I've typed them and it will show you where they are( fele neevr ).

This line: Who are out true friends and family, - key mis-click

This line: The emptiness feeling is the worst. - that feeling does hurt, especially when you don't know what will help. Usually it gets filled with a variety of different things for a short time.

You have accurately described so many of the emotions and feelings that many go through, and most are going through one or two most of their lives. It's the combination of many that beat us down and hold us down. :(

Your first line is an excellent first line "A deep pit of sadness,". That is the line that needs to hook the reader and pull him in. Your line was exceptional!

And these lines were exactly what I was thinking when I was reading them.
"We stop, but the world continues,
It continues to spin, and life continues.
But for us, time stops completely. "

It's almost like we lose some of the hours and days of each week. We close our eyes and the month just started and the next thing we know it's almost at the end of that month. *blink* what just happened and where did the time go???

Over all you did a great job at expressing the feeling and emotional drain that you paint for the reader...
Well done! Nicely Inked...

The words below this point are extra, if you are bored... Actually I will message it to you and that way it won't take up a huge amount of space under your poem...

Damon Tarloth

PS: I have no idea what the rating system is or how it works. If I am supposed to also put a rating number to your poem or if that is for you to rate my review. I am leaving it blank as I have no idea at this point...

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank you so much! And thanks for pointing out the errors, I'll fix them when i have time! Yeah, it .. read more

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I'm sitting here behind a screen, Writing about my past like I don't care. Like it's in the past, And I'll never go back there again. But the truth of the matter right now, Is that every secon.. more..

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