A Poem by Emily

Everyone is abused everyday, they are break into pieces, they feel unloved..


“They don’t see me…”

“They don’t want me…”

“They don’t want to see the hurt within me…”


“Hold me close and tell me everything will be okay!”

“Don’t leave me!”


     “They don’t care if I leave, they wouldn’t even notice me.”

“I’m not pretty.”

“If I screw up, I screw up, no one’s going to come pick me up if I fall anyways.”

“Love, what is love? There IS no love.”

“I…am untitled. I’m a blank page. No one sees what I’ve been going through.”

“I come in pieces and no one can make me whole.”

        “I used to be loved, but then, I was unloved, thrown away and ignored.”

“God help me! I didn’t mean to do what I did! I just wanted to feel loved!”

“People stare, they see them, they see the bruises…but they don’t do anything.”


“Can someone really fix a broken heart?”

“Can someone be loved again?”

           “I tried so hard to make him proud…but it was never good enough.”

“Do I love? Am I heartless?”

“Everyone is heartless…”


“I need someone to tell me that they love me…”

“Fix me.”

“Make me whole.”

           “I…want to live again…I want to be happy…”

© 2010 Emily

Author's Note

I wrote this while I was listening to Pieces by "Red" Just a little something I did to spare time. :) Hope you like it.

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 11, 2010



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