chapter two

chapter two

A Chapter by Emily

TWO �"




 I sat there in the hall, handcuffed to the bench while they searched my room.

I didn’t get it since this was a secured area, but I guess they still wanted to make sure.

        It had been about two days since I had gotten here and I wanted out so badly already, but it really makes you think…being here, about what you would have been like if you hadn’t screwed up.

Would your parents be proud of you? Would you be successful? I would never find that out since my chance to make something good in this one life that I had was going to end bitterly.      

My folks weren’t allowed to visit me either so I didn’t have the chance to tell them how sorry I was and how much I loved them.

          My seven year old sister, Robin would only remember me as a stubborn, abusive, angry person and I could never feel sorrier than I am now.

My mind snapped back to reality when the guards came out of my room. “It’s clean,” They told the officer that was standing there in the hall. I glanced at the guards and one of them glared at me a little, so I glared back. “Watch it, boy…” The guard muttered as he went over to unlock my handcuffs.

“You don’t know what you’ll be getting yourself into with an attitude like that,”

           I raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Oh, is that so? Aw, well geez, if I knew that I would have never been so rude!” I muttered sarcastically, and it was that instant when I learned that the guard did not like sarcastic people.

His hands were tightly gripping the collar of my jumpsuit and his face was scrunched up in anger.

The man did not look happy, he looked tired actually. He was stressed and I knew it, but hey! It wasn’t my fault he was here! He didn’t have to become a Juvy-cop!

             The guard yanked my handcuffs off and grabbed my arm tightly, and as we walked down the hall �" though I was rather dragged �" I took some time to notice the very little detail this place had.

The checkered blue and white tile floor was stained with yellow, dust was in the corners and spider webs were high up in the ceilings creases.

       The hall was rather long also and I could see the pained faces of the other girls and boys who stood by their doors.

The guard put me in my room when I got there and he locked the door, and as I sat on my bed a few minutes later I started to wonder if H.I.D.E existed somewhere else. Maybe in some other city with a name that started with an ‘H’, but I also wondered how many kids were being sent to a horrible places like this.

        Death was a scary thing, something I never want to think about but sadly it comes across a person’s mind sooner or later.

So here it is. I had already started counting down. I have 358 days left…


 ~Alyssa Davids~



The land was dry. There was no water.
“Alyssa…” She heard her name being called, but no one was there.

“Alyssa!” There it was again, and this time much clearer.

The voice sounded familiar, just like her mother’s voice.

Alyssa swallowed hard and glanced around. “M-Mommy?”

She whispered.

        She couldn’t really find her voice since her throat was so dry…come to think of it, why was her throat dry?

Where was she anyways?

     Alyssa thought she was in her room only a few minutes ago, and now she was somewhere in Nevada.

She used to live there with her parents in Silver Springs, but after some huge fight she had them her older brother, Spencer thought it would be a good idea for her to come live with him in Texas.

        “Am I dreaming?” Alyssa asked herself, glancing around at the wide open spaces.

“No…you’re not…” The voice spoke again. She jumped and spun around. “Who are you?! Show yourself!”

“Look around you, what do you see?”

     Alyssa bit her bottom lip. “N-nothing…what do you want?!”

The voice didn’t say anything for a while. “Are you feeling okay?” It finally asked.

She blinked and sat down on the sand. “I…I’m fine…why are you asking?”

      “Do you remember what happened?”

“No…wasn’t I in my room a few minutes ago?”

“Depends on which room you’re talking about…”

Alyssa glared. “Okay! What the heck!? What’s going on?!”

“You don’t know, don’t you?” The voice muttered.

“No, I don’t know! Just TELL me!”

         “Well, Miss Davids…do you really want to know?”

“Yes…yes I want to know!”

“Open your eyes…”

Alyssa was confused; how could she open her eyes when she was already awake?

          “O-okay, now you are really scaring me! What’s happening? What’s going on?”

“Do you remember last night, Alyssa?”

“No…no I don’t remember…do you know?”

The voice laughed a little. “Yeah, I know…your brother called us and said you were hurting yourself and you wouldn’t stop…”

          “So…why am I in a desert?” Alyssa asked.

“A desert? Oh no, you’re nowhere near a desert,” The voice said.

Alyssa sighed. “Then where am I?”

The voice didn’t answer and the desert started to fade out, the sand started to fade into a white tile and the blue sky turned into a white ceiling with a bright light.


The sand dunes turned into four secluded walls and it hit me.


















© 2010 Emily

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