To reach the shore:

To reach the shore:

A Poem by vanila bean

This poem is about life and how its a ocean1


Before you reach shore you must swim across the ocean.

You are a fish swimming along with other fish some will swim quick and others will swim slow.

You will become friends with some fishes and sharks will become you enimies

You will face the cruel waters but once you get to shore you will be so happy!

Before you reach your dreams you must swim for them and chase them

Life is an ocean its so big and we are so small

One small fish plays a big part in the ocean.

The ocean needs the fish to survive and the fish needs the ocean to breathe and live.

Different people go in different directions .

Just like different fish go in different groups of fish.

They all have hobbies and passions but the have to swim to reach them.

Swim freely and passionate as a fish does in water.

Understand life as fish does to water.

Swim to the shore don't look back

Beware the sharks and bigger fish

Swim till you can swim no more

Discover unknown regions of the ocean find new paths lead you school of fish somewhere new

Swim Swim we are fishes we swim and sometimes we get caught and eaten by sharks and other times we survive and reach our destanition

Swim Swim low until you die Goodbye.


© 2011 vanila bean

Author's Note

vanila bean
This poem is one of my favorites
Its the truth about how we are like fishes living in the big ocean being careful to avoid predators and swimming with you group of fish and reaching where you want to go!
I hope you enjoyed it!

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Added on November 2, 2011
Last Updated on November 2, 2011


vanila bean
vanila bean


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A Poem by vanila bean