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The end

The end

A Poem by Aa Harvey

Age catching up with me.


The End



The wind howls as babies cry;

Let’s welcome the night and kiss this world goodbye.



What was that thing I had to remember?

I can’t recall, but never mind; how is the weather?

It’s raining again, but I won’t complain.

What did you expect?  This is Britain; it always rains,

I’m at pains to say.



I have been whisked away to a faraway place;

A surprise for my birthday, now I’m old and grey.

It’s sad to hear them give a cheer,

When all we gained was another year.



A little light relief is all we need,

But who are we to dream?

When all we want to do is scream!

Blow out the candles and wish away your wish;

I never thought my life would have to end like this.



Now the time has come to tell the wife I love her

And wave her goodbye.

We had a good life together, but now,

It’s time I was leaving her behind.


Time steals your years and drags you towards the bitter end;

Now Death is your friend and he is back again.

He came calling for you before, but the doctors sent him away,

But Death cannot be ignored forever and now is my day.



My day of reckoning, my destiny calling;

My future beckoning, the end of my story.

My own biographical, graphic book;

This is the end my friend, so goodbye and good luck!



I always thought that I couldn’t;

I always thought that I didn’t,

Want to grow old gracefully.

Now all I dream of is some sort of redemption,

But that is just folly unfortunately.



The coffin lid closes,

I am buried with roses.




This is the end.

My only friend, the end.

This is the end.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Aa Harvey

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Added on March 2, 2016
Last Updated on January 6, 2017
Tags: age, death


Aa Harvey
Aa Harvey

United Kingdom

I have been writing poetry for over ten years and I write about everything. The music I listen to can be found on you tube. Just search aa harvey 5000 playlist. The first 5 playlists are the mu.. more..