Handcrafter Memories

Handcrafter Memories

A Poem by The Quill

snatch it before other kids could

I followed that boy and reached to the corner of street

He was there celebrating with his friends, brethren of childhood


Cherished and joyous was he, perhaps he was throwing a treat

I went near him to relive the moment, but before could we meet

He walked away and led me to a late evening, a place under the open sky

He was staring at the stars, perhaps counting

Or may be trying to see shape in them, god knows why


I smiled and just joined him in his endeavour

We counted till a million, we drew a cat and a dragon


Holding hands, we headed to a new place

It was the last day of school

He was among his friends

Faces were showing smiles eyes were holding tears

Spirits were high, dreams were without any fears


Promises were made, memories were crafted on that white shirt

I walked away, leaving him living the moment

I then saw a young guy at beach

Making sandcastle, smiling, and contemplating

I went near and asked

Aren’t you old to play with sand?


He smiled at me, held my hand

Made me sit near and asked me to join

He was trying to relive the childhood

By making those sandcastles from memories of mine


Though imperfect but beautiful and pure

Perhaps like the childhood dreams

May be like those unhealthy toffies and those roadside ice creams


Then a wave came and took the castle with her

Leaving the smile on face and memories in the air


I too smiled and came back to my senses

Found myself sitting on bench, saw the time

And closed my box of handcrafted memories

And walked back to my house, feeling rejuvenated

Embracing the smile, evading the worries

© 2021 The Quill

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Added on June 15, 2021
Last Updated on June 15, 2021
Tags: life, poetry, memories, happiness, memorylane, love