Duplicitous Waldo

Duplicitous Waldo

A Poem by WelshWinds

This is a project I had to do for my Literature class in school. We had to write a satiric prologue about someone in the style of the Canterbury Tales. I picked Waldo! :)


He was always a quiet boy,

The rest of the world he’d never annoy.

He’d spend his days alone,

Hiding in places you’d never know.

He had no family, no place to call home.

Nothing particular was ever what he showed.

He wore but two colors,

Unlike any others.

During Christmas his attire was similar to a candy cane,

But for the rest of the year it was much more plain.

His hair is the color of the fire’s wood,

And without aide, his eyes could not look.

He had a bag that carried all of his belongings,

And to be lost within a crowd was his deepest longing.

He carried a cane in his hand,

It was always there to help him on unfamiliar land.

He never presented himself to a single eye,

If yours was the one that needed to find.

Of his past we do not know what’s fact,

All we can know is what his appearance doesn’t lack.

Secrets could be held within that face of his.

Nothing more than a blank slate is all it really is.

With other people he never speaks,

So we do not know if his mind is strong or weak.

He never was one to approach another,

The only love he ever had was from his awkward mother.

The crowds he hides behind start out strong,

But begin to dwindle as time goes on.

It’s unclear what he’s really doing,

We can’t do more than keep on assuming.

He exists in places where he doesn’t seem to belong

But we can never easily find him, it always takes too long.

As time passes people begin to leave.

Making it easier for us to see.

And as the strength of the crowds begins to grow weak,

The duplicity of it all makes your mind begin to think.

© 2011 WelshWinds

Author's Note

Grammar reports, constructive criticism, comments, compliments, hate mail. Say whatever you want! :)

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Added on October 25, 2011
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