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Cyclonus/Wolverine: The Endless Hunt (Marvel Comics)

Cyclonus/Wolverine: The Endless Hunt (Marvel Comics)

A Story by Abishai100

This is a Marvel Comics 'fan-fic' about the wolfish first-knight robot Cyclonus being stalked by the wolfen mutant-hero Wolverine who wants to end his reign of terrorism in a faraway galaxy!

Cyclonus was in the galaxy known as Alpha-Brigand and was busy conducting terrorism activities on a planet in the galaxy called Terron which was targeted by Cyclonus's war-general Galvatron. Cyclonus was a wolfish first-knight of Galvatron's 'Decepticon' army and was ordered to land on Terron and seize complete control. Cyclonus was the perfect multi-tasking warrior-robot who transformed into a laser-enhanced jet-fighter. His mission was basic --- to subvert the government on Terron and take control of all the people there. Cyclonus was capable of such a violent and encompassing mission, since he was a giant and could target masses of beings within minutes with his lasers, be it on the ground with his arm-guns or in the air as a shooting fighter-plane.
However, Cyclonus would face a strange challenge during this rather violent mission. On Earth, Professor X, human cognitive genius/psychic and head of the Institute of Gifted Mutants [IGM] was training his newest prodigy, a mutant-human named Logan whose special genetic plasticity and mutations afforded him special wolf-like hunting and fighting skills. Logan was renamed 'Wolverine' by Professor X and then fitted with elongating adamantium-steel blades on his knuckles, which he could use to scratch, fight, and rip apart his adversaries. Professor X did some psychic meditation in his den at the Institute and 'sensed' that a terrible terrorism-oriented war was brewing on the planet Terron in the faraway galaxy Alpha-Brigand (the planet marked by Cyclonus' terrible mission!).


Wolverine was to travel to Terron on Professor X's newly-designed top-secret light-speed shuttle (which could take off from the underground section of the Institute in the front-yard area cloaked with a special invisibility energy!) called Nostradamus! When Nostradamus would arrive on Terron with Wolverine on board, Wolverine (Logan) was to warn the beings on Terron that the wolfish terrorist-robot Cyclonus was about to invade the planet and initiate a devastating coup designed to turn the planet into a slavish base-station for Cyclonus' commanding war-general Galvatron! Wolverine followed the Professor's mission protocol to a 'T' and landed on Terron and warned/advised the President and Bishop of Terron (inhabited mostly by midget-sized mystics and modest horse-soldier defenders called Centurions!) that Cyclonus (the evil terrorist-robot) was about to arrive...


The Centurions were not equipped to deal with Cyclonus level of firepower, which is what Professor X told Wolverine. Therefore, Wolverine devised a scheme to have the Centurions create a 'terrestrial distraction' to 'lure' Cyclonus (while he was in jet-fighter mode!) towards the ground (near where the Centurions were grouped and performing an intentional but very strange pre-choreographed 'war-dance' on horseback!) so Wolverine could leap upon the jet-fighter Cyclonus. Cyclonus would be 'lured' since he'd wonder why the horseback-Centurions were organizing a 'war-dance' on horses while there was such war-like violence about to begin. This would give Wolverine the perfect chance to become the 'ultimate pest' or 'termite' and thereby chase Cyclonus away or at least convince him to depart from the peace-loving beings/midgets of Terron!


Wolverine did exactly what he planned, and when Cyclonus zoomed in as a jet-fighter near the Terron midget Centurions on horseback doing a very odd horseback 'war-dance' ritual (near a large hill --- where Wolverine could perch and leap on the jet-fighter Cyclonus once the flying robot got close enough!), he was surprised that the leaders of Terron had ordered/organized this 'war-stance ritual' right while Cyclonus was flying above and preparing to literally attack all of Terron's city spires/towers with his jet-fighter laser-guns! When Cyclonus decided to zoom in closer towards the horseback-Centurions doing their 'dance-on-a-hill' on horseback (as a group!), Wolverine was ready and waiting, having perched on that very-same hill (but hidden like a mole!), and leaped onto Cyclonus the jet-fighter.


Cyclonus (in jet-fighter mode) was startled when he realized there was a mid-sized being (a 'humanoid') of a size larger than the Terron midgets perched onto his jet-wing and scratching and clawing at it like a pesty termite (with his devastating pure adamantium-steel blades melded to his knuckles!) and basically tearing away relentlessly at the metallic layers of Cyclonus' jet-wing. Cyclonus was forced to land as a jet-plane and then transformed into robot-mode, revealing his equally-large size (compared to the size of his rather large jet-plane mode!) as a standing A.I. robot! Cyclonus demanded to know who Wolverine was and why he was defending the midgets of Terron, a planet marked for colonization by his war-general Galvatron...


WOLVERINE: What the hell are you, giant robot-man?
CYCLONUS: I am Cyclonus, warrior-robot of the Decepticon army...
WOLVERINE: Why're you terrorizing these harmless midgets of Terron?
CYCLONUS: Who the hell are you, and why are you defending this planet?
WOLVERINE: I work for a psychic-sage named Professor X who sent me here to stop you!
CYCLONUS: So your 'professor' foresaw this terrorist-mission and sent you to intercede...
WOLVERINE: Yes, and as you noticed, I clawed at your metallic jet-wings while you swooped close.
CYCLONUS: Yes, I was distracted by those strange midget 'Centurions' doing that horseback-dance.
WOLVERINE: That was all choreographed so you'd get close enough for me to deal with you personally!
CYCLONUS: Well, you sure as hell scratched my metal wing, and now I want to know your 'deal.'
WOLVERINE: I just want you to depart from Terron and leave these peaceful midgets alone.
CYCLONUS: Why should I?
WOLVERINE: You witnessed how someone like me, of smaller size than you, was able to chew your wing.
CYCLONUS: Since I was attacked by someone smaller, I should avoid the violence of hurting the meek...
WOLVERINE: That's my prescription...
CYCLONUS: I see you've thought very long and hard about this issue regarding the 'value' of Terron midgets.
WOLVERINE: If you don't heed this advice, you'll be considered a 'tyrant' --- that's not a good title.
CYCLONUS: No, no one wants to be considered a 'tyrant.'
WOLVERINE: So, consider my wing-scratching your 'sign' that you should avoid attacking the meek.
CYCLONUS: Alright; I'll tell my commander (Galvatron) that the Terron beings created a 'spiritual flag.'
WOLVERINE: Yeah, I'm certain Galvatron will consider you wise for refraining from hurting peaceful protesters.
CYCLONUS: Sure; but you must keep this a secret, and I'll tell my Decepticon army to spare Terron!
WOLVERINE: It seems Galvatron trusts you as a pure war-minded thinker.
CYCLONUS: When I give him advice about war-stance, Galvatron takes it as surefire insight!
WOLVERINE: Well, then, I thank you for deciding to spare these harmless midgets of Terron.
CYCLONUS: I must, after 'witnessing' what it was like having a small termite-like pest scratching my wing.
WOLVERINE: So, my war-minded terrorist-robot 'friend,' it seems you've discovered something about insects.
CYCLONUS: Yes, I've learned that contact with insect-scale challenge leads to 'dignity-illumination.'
WOLVERINE: So you tell your Decepticon pals to spare Terron, and I'll return to my planet.
CYCLONUS: Yes, do so; tell your 'Professor X' that Terron will be spared.
WOLVERINE: I'll also tell the Professor that you discovered 'strange humility' from an insect-courage event!
CYCLONUS: Fine; thank you.
WOLVERINE: I guess not all fighting has to lead to hell...

*The End*

© 2019 Abishai100

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Added on July 19, 2019
Last Updated on July 19, 2019
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