The Prophecy

The Prophecy

A Story by Abishai100

A radical challenges a dangerously fascist marriage-ritual in late 21st Century 'advanced' America and becomes a social icon, but will he be considered a diarist...or a terrorist?

I had to offer up a special 'religious comic book fan-fiction' of a movie I find incredibly cool, The Prophecy, since I posted another movie fan-fiction recently (inspired by the also-cool M. Night Shyamalan superhero film Unbreakable).
Thanks so much for reading (finally signing off),

"Ajay Satan was born in Algeria but became a US citizen in the year 2060. The world was much different than it was in the early 21st Century, and everyone remembered how capitalism-baron Donald Trump was elected as US President and ushered in a new millennium of great commerce-gauged global networking and technological ambitions. NASDAQ was way more sophisticated now, and the great cities of America were advanced, computerized, and very nifty. Ajay liked wearing funny plastic masks and posing as an idealistic 'vigilante' for his Internet-blogs about reforming civilization and making it more...human."

"The NYC (New York City) Ajay Satan lived in was way different than it was in the early part of the 21st Century! It was much more 'glass-like' in appearance and the technology and traffic felt like it was part of a great 'elevator-to-the-sky.' This was a city based on commerce and communication, in a way never seen before in world history! However, there was a new movement to make marriages much more 'economical' that made Ajay Satan shriek, and this was the subject of his new Internet-blogging crusade. Would Ajay Satan be able to reform such an 'advanced' city?"

"The socialized program of 'arranged marriages' in this 'advanced' NYC involved the marketing of beautiful young bachelorettes as dowry-gifted brides for men to find online. If these brides were selected by men seeking marriages online, the men would be invited to plastic sword fights in a public sports-arena in the heart of NYC. The men would fight for the honor of winning the hand of the lady they found online. Ajay Satan thought this process was disgusting, especially since it objectified the women as 'trophies' of socialized dogma!"

"However, Ajay Satan did possess a terrific green plastic sword which he decided to bring with him one day to the giant sports-arena in which he'd be invited to fight for the special honor of marrying the beautiful young woman he found online! This green plastic sword was named Excalibur, and Ajay Satan intended to use it to fight his adversaries to win the hand of a gorgeous candidate-bride in the arena named Alexandra. Ajay Satan intended to use Excalibur to not only shock and disarm his rivals/adversaries, but he also intended to show to the public the outright vanity of such a 'fight' carnival!"

"Prior to every fight-sequence for marriage rites on the public sports-arena in NYC, there would be a public (political/legal) hearing during which the women would be 'screened' and 'presented' by two diplomats (or representatives) who'd explain the background of the women chosen online as candidate-brides and why the women were considered 'trophies' of the new marriage schema in 'advanced' America. These public hearings were not in any way like the Salem Witch Trials, but they did remind everyone of the rigorous public-eye scrutiny of this new socialized agenda. Ajay Satan despised these hearings as clear examples of 'gender-dictatorship' and wanted to destroy such a 'dense' thing!"

"The social defenders of this new marriage 'schema' cited the 'rich and honorable' history of women serving as factory girls in the 19th Century and contributing to the Industrial Revolution in America! To these 'defenders' of the gender-podium in 'advanced' America, the presentation of women as trophies of socialization represented a new way of thinking about traffic and life made much more efficient and even philosophical! After all, all the women were screened and paraded, not unlike how the factory girls of the 19th Century during the Industrial Revolution were 'decorated' in American newspapers."

"However, the radical Ajay Satan considered such a socialization schema a thing of apocalyptic abomination! To him, using 'evolution' as a justification to parade the 'trophy' desirability of 'marketed' women as 'contender-brides' was not unlike the use of African-American slaves in the 19th Century as 'trophies' of efficient labor and production and farming! Ajay Satan decided his special sword-fight with Excalibur at one of these bride fight-arenas in 'advanced' NYC (New York City) would remind everyone of the importance of linking mob psychology to Nazism, dogma...and even miseducation!"

"Ajay Satan decided to write some nifty Internet-blogs about old-era paintings of prostitutes living in cities around the world. He made these blogs in the weeks leading up to the special sword-fight in the sports-arena where he'd contend for the 'honorable hand' of the woman he chose online, a gorgeous girl named Alexandra. Ajay Satan thought of these prostitute-paintings as early 'omens' of the value of evaluating 'traffic' in terms of humanism rather than socialism! His blogs with these paintings symbolized a radical way of thinking about social control."

"Ajay Satan thought about how socialization schemas bordering on dangerous mind-control did not seem too different from the brands of capitalism-terrorism more 'formally' denounced by the state in 'advanced' America. Ajay Satan blogged that these marriage-fights would remind everyone why America was denounced as 'fragile' by anti-capitalism terrorists on 9/11, and perhaps why such a modern activity would once again rouse the demons of global games. What was the link between terrorism and dogma?"

"Ajay Satan decided to bring with him a classic 20th Century Native-American Barbie-doll as his personal 'trophy-doll' to remind spectators in the sword-fight arena that this was a modern activity signifying the sanctification of social rituals and needed to reference the honored traditions of normal democracy! Spectators were ironically impressed by Ajay Satan holding up his Native-American Barbie-doll as a 'Golem' of socialization daydreams. This was an intriguing 'advanced' revolutionary strategy employed by Ajay Satan in late 21st Century NYC."

"Ajay Satan raised up his sword Excalibur and faced a black-knight named Indra. He had to use his sword swiftly to avoid Indra's skillful diagonal strikes and retaliate with his own elegant criss-cross movements. Eventually, Ajay Satan managed to somehow disarm and defeat his potent adversary Indra and was cheered as the clear victor and then offered the 'honorable hand' of the beautiful woman he found online as his potential bride, Alexandra. He told the crowd he'd marry Alexandra, but that they would raise their children to be very cautious about 'advanced' processes catering to 'cleaner' forms of traffic-management! He then went home with his bride Alexandra, who was very impressed, and wrote a cartoon-blog about imagining a crusading comic book female 'heroine' who'd defy the marriage-fights in the NYC sports-arena by showing up costumed as a 'super-archer' and demanding for her own right to fight for the 'honorable hand' of a modern-day American prince."

"Ajay Satan married Alexandra and they had two beautiful children. Years later, he wrote a searing Dystopian novel titled Saving Gender, which won him the Nobel Prize. In this provocative book, Ajay Satan talked about how remembering the contributions of women in politics, such as the early 21st Century First Lady Melania Trump, served to reinforce the valuable notion that gender in America should always be a thing of great imagery. Alexandra loved her husband's book and honors and appreciated how he talked about the redeeming celebrity of First Lady Melania Trump!"

"Ajay Satan would be remembered as a late 21st Century Thomas Nast. His radical ideas seriously altered the way American citizens conceived of traffic-management as it related to democratic traditions. He was considered a real political critic, and he remembered fondly how he very simply challenged very 'advanced' ideas regarding the very 'normal' use of online-brides as 'trophies' of media/capitalism ritual. Because he remained prudently moderate, he was never labeled as a terrorist!"

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth" (Matthew 5, Christian Bible).


© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on February 8, 2020
Last Updated on February 8, 2020
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A Story by Abishai100