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An iconic American actress does research on the development of society aesthetics and unwittingly becomes a witness to civilization Dianetics!

Here's a fun American society vignette about how we celebrate and totemize the various spires of social consciousness to construct our arenas of imagination aesthetics. Why, for example, do we hoist movie-stars as diplomats of new age dogma? This dioramic doodle using randomly Google-collected images of the Hollywood (USA) actress Connie Nielsen was inspired by the film The Player. Thanks so much for reading (signing off),


Connie Thomas had become a prolific and shimmering Hollywood (USA) actress whose work in culturally symbolic films such as The Roman Woman, The Firm, Devil's Estate, and Becoming Jane had earned her quite a bit of money and social celebrity. Now, Connie was looking to retire and use her accrued fortunes to live comfortably in Switzerland with her girlfriend Tamara. Connie, however, was under contract to make one more film, incidentally about Rome, called Caesar's Diction.

Connie was at a special society event, a media party thrown by a powerful media guru who'd worked with the likes of Ted Turner. Connie Thomas wanted to make a good impression at this event and therefore wore a stunning red dress and presented herself to the guests at the party as a modern actress intrigued by stories about ancient times and the ancient world. This party was to consider society interests in creating more stories and movies about values-themed dilemmas in civilization and was sponsored by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF).

Connie then flew to Dublin on Aer Lingus and took her girlfriend Tamara with her. They took countless photos of Dublin at day and night and uploaded them onto Connie's Facebook profile page. Connie wanted to tell her fans that she was invested in values-themed movies now and was therefore exploring the cultural richness of the world around her that informed these special views on human consciousness. Her trip to Ireland with Tamara therefore became a work research experience that reminded her of the importance of combining work with travel in the modern world!

When Connie returned, she was invited to a special movie opening co-sponsored by Boss and Starz. This movie was about the Munich '72 massacre involving the unforgettable terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the Summer Olympics. Values-themed movies were all the rave now in Hollywood, and Connie wanted to be sure that this was going to be a media event in which she celebrated and showcased her personal interests in the new direction Hollywood was taking. She didn't want to feel like a stranger.

Connie Thomas then took her girlfriend Tamara to the Philadelphia Auto Show where countless new concept futuristic model vehicles were being presented and hoisted as totems of tomorrowland. Connie and Tamara once again took countless photos with their handy-dandy iPhones at the car-show and marveled at the way engineering informed humanity's special outlook on aesthetics and design in a modern era when commerce had become wed to basic imagination. Connie then said in a TV interview that she was intrigued by how technology itself can conform to the development of social values in America. She'd become a real American civilization analyst.

Tamara purchased for Connie a brand new Nissan Pathfinder SUV for her birthday, and Connie took Tamara on a wild and long ride through the mountainside of the Sierras in California. After her trip, Connie blogged on Facebook, "What I remember most about my journey in the Sierras with my girlfriend Tamara was that we think of things like saving gas today since we just want to blend our technological luxuries with our focus on lifestyle diligence!"

TAMARA'S DIARY: "I despise Connie Thomas. I've been jealous of my lifelong girlfriend ever since we're in grade-school in New Jersey. So what if she's now a big-time celebrity actress and I'm still just her pal and buddy and formal girlfriend? I intend to take her to a remote location in Switzerland after she retires with me there and then murder her. I'll become a modern-day Oswald for this diary stunt."

Connie Thomas' story is not unlike the story of many other celebrities and social luminaries in our modern civilization symbolized by network totems and aesthetics dioramas. We all love celebrity and are fascinated by the contours of social networks in modern media and the hoisting of social idols who serve as culture diplomats. If you're intrigued by this society parable about the celebrity Connie Thomas, consider why America has made you such a 'witness' of civilization Dianetics.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on September 25, 2020
Last Updated on September 25, 2020
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