The Untouchables

The Untouchables

A Story by Abishai100

Three daring thieves attempt to steal mafia money from a Chicago bank and become famous for their deformed heist in 2022.

Here's a fun crime-story about striking the mafia, and it's inspired by various films exploring eccentric thieves seeking to find glory in places where evil has become a hallmark of democracy. Thanks for reading (signing off again), 


Here's the Chicago bank about to be robbed in the summer of 2022. The money is in a vault and owned by the Chicago mafia family the Cortellis. The thieves are a trio of young men calling themselves the Green Team ('GT').

The vault is impressive, and the alarms go off and are communicated to the Chicago Police Department (CPD) in about 2 minutes, and the police can get to this Chicago bank in about 10 minutes. The robbery has to be done in 10 minutes.

The Cortellis are a dark and sinister mafia family in Chicago, having ties to narcotics, diamonds, and black market munitions fueled to the super-terrorist group Cobra. Only lunatics would want to rob from these guys, but the Chicago police would turn their backs on the investigation loosely, relieved the Cortelli's power and prestige is deflated, is the robbery is done with flair or perfection. No one messes with the Cortellis, since they're immersed into the Chicago of social life.

Donna Theresa is the gorgeous blonde female teller working at the Chicago bank, and she works directly for the son of Vito Cortelli who's the family boss of the mafia in Chicago. Donna's never bothered. However, she might be used as a hostage for this unusual robbery. Isn't she pretty?

The thieves are three eccentric young men who want to make their mark on the city by performing a daring and perfect robbery of the Cortelli mafia money or simply die trying. These thieves will dress the part and have adequate impressive supplies and equipment, and if they fail, all hell will break loose by Vito Cortelli. The thieves are sharply dressed however.

One of the 'weapons' to be used in the robbery is a piece of delicious cake laced with a poison that if ingested will induce severe stomach pains followed by death within 5 minutes.

Another set of weapons is three water-pistols (toys!) fitted with internal tubing capable of safely holding (and shooting!) highly corrosive HCL acid. These toy guns are plastic, of course.

THIEF 1 (ISAAC): This Ivy League grad wants to dress like a 1920s era Chicago bank robber, and he hates the Cortellis.

THIEF 2 (DAMIEN): This Algerian-American is a bike-racer and stunt-man for movies and wants to retire with Cortelli bounty.

THIEF 3 (HUGH): This smart thief is a computer wizard but won't try to hack into the computerized alarms.

Chicago at the time is a city of great flair and pageantry and traffic and commerce. There're 1920s nightclub costume parties, which the three thieves (the Green Team --- 'GT') have taken photos of off the Internet. The GT know that Chicago needs some crazy fun story or folk-tale about fighting the mafia, and this bank robbery should add to the city's history of colored daydreams!

The GT intend to steal about $20 million in cash of the Cortelli mafia family's money from the Chicago bank, and although the money's federally insured, the headlines will deflate the mafia's prestige and aura in the city, and CPD will be delighted!

The GT (Green Team) thieves enter wearing masks and sunglasses and wielding water-guns filled with acid. Isaac grabs Donna the pretty blonde teller as hostage and informs the guards he'll shoot her if she doesn't eat a piece of the poisoned cake he's placed in Donna's hand, but if she cooperates and the guards drop their weapons and don't interfere, she won't be required to eat the poisoned cake and will simply escort Isaac to the vault to take the money in a fold-out duffel-bag and walk out with it, while his two GT cohorts (Damien and Hugh) are making sure the guards outside are all tied up and controlled with the crowd with their acid-guns.

After the GT thieves successfully take $20 million of the Cortelli mafia money from the Chicago bank and do it within 10 minutes before releasing pretty hostage Donna safely, they take the subway with their duffel-bag to the airport after depositing and wire-transferring the funds to a new Swiss private account. The GT thieves fly to Hawaii and disappear and become island pub waiters and invest in Wall Street and retire with their stolen money. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) never catch them! Meanwhile, back in Chicago, all this anti-mafia street 'dizziness' has generated a renewed fanfare for the iconic Prohibition Era film The Untouchables. The GT thieves are busy however smoking hash in Hawaii.

VITO CORTELLI: "If anyone tries to repeat what this so-called nasty 'Green Team' achieved, we'll make sure the police or our own guardians send them straight to the diagonals of the underworld."

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on November 7, 2020
Last Updated on November 7, 2020
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