Towering Inferno*

Towering Inferno*

A Story by Abishai100

Young SF fire-chief Amlan Jankosky rushes to the towering inferno in what was supposed to be a 'Tygra' diamond dream.

Here's a non-heist vignette to retire with, an ode to the classic skyscraper-calamity film Towering Inferno which in my estimation is better than recent skyscraper disaster classics such as Die Hard (Bruce Willis) and Skyscraper (Dwayne Johnson), and we might consider why a skyscraper-diorama reminds us of the darkness of 9/11! God bless, 


In San Francisco, California (USA), a grand skyscraper society event was to take place to celebrate the discovery of the world's largest uncut diamond, from Africa!

The diamond was called the Tygra and would be presented with model shoots drawing in photographers from around the world, and the pre-event festivities included beach shootings of models to accompany the diamond presentation and hoisting in the skyscraper's grand ballroom!

MAYOR: Our city is ripe for investments, and we're committed to treasury and media now more than ever.

The inside pre-event decor advertisements showcased in various American society magazines got everyone drooling about the modern capitalism impact of this social celebration of a discovered giant gem, the Tygra diamond. In fact, people had commented that the interior decor of the SF skyscraper had everyone wanting to get invited to the California event in the new millennium. It was beautiful.

Celebrities would appear to talk about and endorse consciousness regarding the cautious mining of minerals and treasures from an already depleted Earth, as was the general liberal tone in San Francisco since the 1960s, friends!

Also to be showcased at the SF skyscraper event was a very impressive Medusa sculpture from the Mediterranean shipped on loan from a wealthy Dutch baron's holdings who's been investing rather conspicuously in North American diamonds since 2001. Everyone was talking rumors and gossip about his link to the Medusa.

Old hand politicians and new era media figures were on hand at the event in San Francisco which generated much pre-event red carpet photography, and one journalist commented that the guest list reminded folks of California why the Tygra diamond may simply and incredibly be a treasury symbol of modern American magic.

Two media figures who're former supermodels-turned-professors were also at the SF skyscraper event featuring the Tygra diamond, and it was rumored that these two SF resident girls were dating the young and popular SF fire-chief Amlan Jankosky. One model was Daniella Tartar, a fiery diamond scholar from Algeria.

DIAMOND CRITIC: The Tygra leaves nothing to be desired, folks.

The other model and rumored girlfriend of SF fire-chief Amlan Jankosky was none other than PBS photojournalist Farah Kohl whose work with diamonds in South Africa won her the Pulitzer. She's at the SF skyscraper hoping her ex-beau Amlan will not have to make a crisis appearance!

Unfortunately, with every great human drama, there lurks the potential for great calamity as is the case here, friends. Apparently, a small electric wire neglected by management sparked off a small blaze in the SF skyscraper dining area and kitchen which then began to blaze forth through all the floors of the SF building...rather swiftly and with malice.

AMLAN JANKOSKY (Fire-Chief): We're on the way to the skyscraper now and will deal with crowds and the danger!

Now, Amlan was a very respected SF officer and gentleman indeed. He was also a gifted firefighter and would marshal a legion of SF fire-men to tread into the blazing SF towering inferno to deal with the possibility that such a calamity would never be overcome, not without a terrible human cost to California history. That's why everyone's grateful for Amlan Jankosky's general dialogic dance!

JANKOSKY: I want these bloody crowds to be cleared and all insiders to be quarantined in one area while we elevate.

GIRLFRIEND: I'd noticed Amlan's fire-chief car got here very fast and was the reputed speed-demon everyone admired.

It would take many fire-trucks and water-hoses to put out this maelstrom of modern urban anarchy, friends.

Fire-chief Amlan talked to the event coordinators and the lead media figures of varying strength and capability to see who'd be the right person to usher in the right frightened crowds into the right quarantine areas, while Amlan and his fire-men prowled around each blazing floor seeking to contain the inferno through a diagonal method of fire-absorption drenching.

AMLAN JANKOSKY: We know from the past that the secret to a towering inferno is the calmness of buttered hoses!

The SF society editor who'd been at the event was put in charge of directing the crowds so as to reduce all levels of social panic and fear. Amlan trusted this man to keep everyone sane and make sure no one tried to crawl out windows or up working remaining elevators and shafts. He proved to be a real priest during the hell.

The man's girlfriend was a doctor and came to the scene in a mask and ready to help the fire company and was instructed by Amlan's fire-men to help gauge all the crazy camera-men outside the SF tower to ensure that the media buzz would not create madmen seeking to run into the building trying to be some kind of modern hero. In other words, this lady was a real calming force, an angel of sanity.

Amlan made sure his two ex-girlfriends were fine during the evacuation of all surviving people from the SF towering inferno. He made sure that at least he could do that. Meanwhile, other key figures managed to perform their expected social crisis duties so Jankosky would emerge as the real captain of this otherwise hellfire SF darkness in modern times!

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: We conceive Jankosky and his men drowned hell that was the Towering Inferno and saved Tygra!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 8, 2021
Last Updated on April 8, 2021
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