Lenny's Super-Market Ego: Philly {Cards}

Lenny's Super-Market Ego: Philly {Cards}

A Story by Abishai100

A portrait of American consumerism and all its 'everyman' normalness...and surprisingly charming/effervescent...daylight!

A vignette about what makes everyday-life for the American Homeland citizen/patriot/consumer a reflection of 'street-traffic Ego' diarism, inspired loosely by Smoke (William Hurt). 

Lenny moved from Algiers to Atlantic-City (to study at Princeton during the Coronavirus quarantine) and then to Philadelphia, but he'd always remember the sea-city of games as his first into to the Western-American ideation of fortune-world superstitions and imagination/intelligence. This is a tale of an American 'prince' whose chess-like ideations of capitalism-life made for a special 'Philly-portrait' of citizenry-life (and 'everyman'-magic), which any fan of social-media would like, so follow along.

LENNY: Moving in America for social-media IQ is like being part of the citizenry-personality 'matrix' of capitalism chess insight (wow).

When Lenny moved to the United States, he took some time to do some traveling, in Lake Tahoe and Arizona and then the bordertown of Tijuana (Mexico), where traffic-confluence in capitalism-Ego and immigration intrigue and street-craft 'intuition' makes for a rather storybook image of world-fare in this era of globalism intelligence. This would inform his later-life as a citizenry consumer in the City of Brotherly Love (hmm).

LENNY: Me thinks it was Tijuana that informed my modern Philly 'super-market love' of taquitos-hospitality in consumerism culture on Earth (ha).

What's so special about an everyman-life tale/vignette of an American citizen wandering around, learning from his travels, picking up insights about everyday capitalism-culture intelligence, and then applying this 'brain' consciousness to a 'sane' Philly-market shopping life for human distances? It's all in the 'street' IQ. For Lenny had become a 'typical' American (haha).

LENNY: I love the Philly super-market Ego for what it offers for a human expression (forever).

LENNY: We've been a friend-trio since Princeton, and super-market Sunday is superior.
EZZY: You're our great musketeer in this Philly-bond for residential securities, Prince Lenny.
RAKI: I wonder what would we feel if taquito-shelves were empty on a Sunday.
LENNY: I wonder what many social-media 'surfers' would make of such an American Tragedy, Raki (haha).

Of course, commerce-life securities in the post-9/11 era may seem trite but assuredly reflect a globalism 'sanity' for traffic politics facilitative of the capitalism-ethos in the United States (Philly).

LENNY: I'll make a 9/11-storybook about the nature of urban controls for the everyday consumer (man/woman).

EZZY: I got you these Eagles cheerleader-trading images/cards for Super Bowl chess-media.
LENNY: That's rich; I was planning a Bowl-chess tourney media-exercise (anyways!).
RAKI: Can I keep some of those (for Philly-comics)?

LENNY: Of course, you never can tell what kinds of homegrown psychos/terrorists would 'upset' our modern 'super-market-Ego' for Homeland storybooks or cardboard-duty (hmm).

"I've been a radio reporter for ten years, and if I learned anything from my time at 'This American Life,' it's how to craft a narrative so that even if the ending is ambiguous, it is somehow satisfying" (Sarah Koenig).

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on February 3, 2023
Last Updated on February 3, 2023
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