WTF You Jus Say?

WTF You Jus Say?

A Poem by Abysmal Savant

BARZ... layered meanings...


you all can get *Chin checked like I jus beat a Chinese master in "chess"
I'll line your whole block up in numbers,, end to end,, then set off a "Domino" effect
I dont respond well to threats thats why Im turning "tops" like their possessed
now watch all the parts come out the back, cause I "Potato Heads"
when you see him "Run-He-Knows" so let this flow in deep above your neck
when Diss-Pair, air ,, it'll open up youre chest
but when I discontinue "Tearin" "Tissue" who is left that wept?
& if you say "All_Are_G" when its pointed "AhChoo" be blessed
& get that "nasal spray" quick
but when you feel the drip
its cause I clipped your faces tip,
now thats what I call "nasal strip"
recognize how precious silence is
but if this "chap" "crack lips"
he wont feel "bliss, -tex" instead
what do I gotta say it again?
crack lips
he gonna need some medicated skin
& no "fat lady sung" yet so I aint through with *hymn
now "AD-VIL-lians" to the mix
Im "Tyen-All" up at the wrist
& then Im countin "Vicks"
it'll be like inquiring a firing squad until the "row-bust" with "hollow-tips"
the "ricola" kick back like smokin *sigs
so when it "cough, ..drop"
or see a "Soar Throat" when Im ^liftin him
the time is "Nigh,..Quill" game's gettin sikk
the *son is high, bright as "Day,..Quill".. ink begins to drip
so dont take it *light -overnight like darkness setting in
slow your roll, or get a *uppercut for last *rites while I recite the sacrament
youre a sacrifice with "snake eyes" so be pleased *two "die" like gambling evangelists

pay attention for "Riddle-In" lines, when you get it assess the damages
I was gonna "Bus-bars" then throw him "At-A-Van" like it was an accident
your bars type xanax & ambien
itll put you to sleep anxiety free
its like night time relief for battlin'.....

© 2015 Abysmal Savant

Author's Note

Abysmal Savant
an unconventional approach to poetry..

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Added on January 4, 2015
Last Updated on January 4, 2015
Tags: barz, bars, scheme, wordplay