Silence in the house of tongues II

Silence in the house of tongues II

A Story by Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

"Justice is blind!' yes, I avouch! It is truly blind; that woman is too blind to see what's going on in front of her, she's blindfolded by the fiends of men, by the ambassadors of Satan. She's numbed till she can't feel the effluents of black blood flowing under her feet, and deafen for she can’t hear the hot screaming bullets of despotism rupture our bodies. Where is Justice now? As I sit on this cold chair… Where is the strike of the hammer of justice like a thunder bolt upon criminals? Where is the sound of justice when they shouted the tyrannical verdict of doom upon my frozen body, and sentenced my withering heart with a blood curse? I heard only silence in the house of tongues! Now, justice is a mere illusion! It is propaganda.


I still remember when those fiends broke into my house at dawn, and dragged me out of my own house as an animal. It all happened so rapid, and was so confusing and humiliating, they treated me like some serial killer or a rapist. They should turn the Police academy into an acting school to utilize such talents!

And fast they brought their favorite shinny toy and cuffed my hands then threw me into a car and drove down to their lair where I was captivated. I didn’t feel human throughout this process; I felt as a stubborn beast which escaped the circus and had to be subdued and returned to his old, colorful cage, beaten and deprived from food and water until he give up his wings and surrender his will.


I go back and brood at these past moments, as I watch my last wilt and die. Here I march towards my electrifying demise, it is queer how we spend our last minutes grieving and thinking of past ones! With each step I take, my shadow grows larger and revolts against my command, although my hands, legs and neck are cuffed with iron chains, three muscular bodyguards hold me and watch every move I take with an eagle eye, I trust I haven’t done anything to leave such an impression of being dangerous! Or I guess they told the lie and believed it. As I reach the final door, the lights start to fade! Or is it my sight?


While I was left in that dark, rotten dungeon, my mind was deranged of why I am here. Have I done anything illegal? Or maybe committed a crime of some sort? But thinking was almost impossible with the loathsome odor that emanated from the entire place. Not to mention the scent of iniquity and sin that dwelt so deep within its grey walls, the crimson colours of filth and pain which garnished that hell cell, even the air was heavy and loaded with flashes of blackened memories, and mixed with droplets of blood, sweat and tears. That place, or I guess it's an entire realm, was the only locale I faced and sensed guilt and innocence together. Nevertheless, that innocence was so tortured and disfigured to the mete of agony. It can't be recognized or even saved. It’s a remnant, just another torpid memory buried in the air.

I took a look around examining the place, and stepped forward and grabbed the cold rusty bars of the cell, that touch gave me a cold ill chill deep unto my bones, there I realized this place has evolved with time and gained his own soul, and it begins to leak into you as you enter here. No matter what's the type of your visa. Residing! Transit! Visitor! Or even an employee or a guard. This spirit leaves its fingerprint profoundly in your soul each in a different way. And you take it with you as you leave�" if you ever did alive. It lives within and with you, and few whom are lucky manage to with time dispose of it.


The tribunal that was held for me was a complete masquerade. And all the procedures that preceded it happened so fast and in an astounding manner that I really can't recall exactly what was the charge I was accused of! They said something about killing a fourteen years old girl, and doing things to her that I couldn't even mention, and that they found some belongings of mine near the crime scene with my "DNA" and finger prints all over them.

Of course I was shocked and tried to defend myself, but their case was so interlaced and solid to an amazing level. As I said earlier, great acting talents! Although I represented an alibi and offered to cooperate, they rejected everything and kept overwhelming me with 'clues & evidence", until my lawyer gave up.


I sat and watched that play they titled "A court session" behind steal bars like a mad beast, and I couldn’t get my eyes off the attorney general who spared no effort in picturing me as a heartless, savage and brutal monster! He was so good, that he actually scared me for a while. If I didn't know myself well enough, I'd for sure believe him!

He kept going on with his fancy words and eloquent speeches, in his black suit like an undertaker, waving his hands in the air like a maestro, shifting his tune and volume up and down as a war slogan, until he reached the closing clef. The grand finale! Where he recommended the Death penalty!

The ring of those two words on my eardrums created a wave that frozen everything within me, even time! It disabled my hearing and my sense of place. Just if this is the first time I hear them, although my lawyer crooned this hem more than once through his useless speeches.

 Then he stood up and tried to compose a much powerful symphony to attract that jury, but I couldn’t hear him as my ears were concealed with many layers of frost. I eschewed my face and heart towards my beautiful wife, whom seated amongst the crowd, and my eyes bled on the sight of her weeping eyes, she was staring at me with horror plugging her insides out. Oh that poor mermaid! Who had to face all this hardship with me throughout this wicked, thorny trench. The music of her glowing eyes always made my heart drunk. I'd lie if I claimed I wasn't concerned about my fate, but my greatest sorrow was her. What will happen to my pearl with her snow-white skin and her burning red, silky hair? She is as vulnerable as a bubble, and her love for me is blazing, and I can't imagine what might happen to her if I relinquished.


At the end of the musical match, the home team was victorious, and they claimed their prize which I crave to know what it is? Why was I framed? What have I done? And what characteristics made me the ideal scapegoat? All these questions and much more soared and croaked within me, but it's all pointless! What difference does it make?

And time came for me to return to my cell again, in front of all those who once were my family and friends, all their eyes abandoned me as they tilted they heads and went back without a wave or a hope, I cried for them to help my dear love who collapsed at the news, but only her brother caught her and gave me a look of deep hopelessness that leaked unto me as the guards forced me out of the court.


More details are senseless and simply a waste of time, it means nothing; I am already seated on this cold metallic portal, wired and at the mercy of a 2-inch switch and a robo-man waiting for the puppeteers call, it all feels like a magic show. And I don’t remember I volunteered to be cut into two in the magic box! They fixed my arms and legs to the bars, wrapped the belts on my hands and feet extra tight, and dressed my head with an ugly iron hat, and all of these tools were marinated in death for so long that they stinked with it.


I looked out of the glass into the faces of my spectators, just if this is a football match, they sat on their seats calmly, and waved with their fans while examining me with complete relaxation, I guess they were waiting for some dinner as well. The only human that glow among those mercenaries was my darling, I couldn’t take her dead tears that descended from her divine lakes, and she was so sad and overwhelmed and already ran out of words, her mind is still refusing to accept the scene in front of her, she is hoping it’s just a nightmare, she used to tell me this quite often whenever she had a chance to visit me in my lockout. I wanted to rise up and hug her, cradle her and assure her it’s going to be fine, but whom am I lying at? And as the black curtains started to close, she lost her temper at the sight and rapidly the guards flung and seized her. Of course, I sprang out yelling and growling like a nailed lion, this scene I couldn’t take, to see oppression proceeding to the only one who truly matters to me, not this one! But my anger is helpless and the call was made and the switch was pressed. But I am not the moral; I am just another example.


It’s a forever lasting loop of despotism and darkness; I am nothing but another tear of red in this flaming misty ocean fueled by blood and sacrifice. As long as the tongues in this house are sealed and chained, this ocean will flood one day and demolish whatever remained of humanity. At that time, the waves of fire won’t distinguish the saint of the sinner, the wrong and the right, it will be too late! Because when gangrene starts in a small part of a limb, the entire limb must be eradicated. May god save us!









© 2013 Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

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Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-
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I hope you plan to add a part III!
"The music of her glowing eyes always made my heart drunk." -great line btw!
Would love to read more!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

unfortunately its the last of it
But i wrote more stories and will post them here soon
.. read more

8 Years Ago

I'll keep an eye out for them!
Adam Lebzo -RonninWarrior-

8 Years Ago

I'd be honored!

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