Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

A Poem by Adelise Eclair

A poem about my favorite fairy tale princess ^_^

Sleeping Beauty

Deep within the crevice, 
of a tower of brier
a girl lay trapped,
 within a dark desire
acquiescent to the lies
 around her
tainted memories 
slowly begins to blur

Forever dethroned, 
to no more but ash
lamentations in vain,
 blood stains the velvet blue sash
when will you come rescue me, 
dearest prince?
for so long I have waited, 
for you since

I seek out the light, 
that shines through the curtain
The wonders out there, 
brings hope I am certain
may it be your warm hand,
that takes me away
your sugarcoated lies, 
that leads my heart astray 

Oh dearest prince,
I dream of you every night
your sweet mannered smile, 
would be a pleasing sight
unbind these chains,
that hold me close to the abyss
the cry of the banshee, 
stirs my heart amiss

The dark plagues my world
be it Satan's token
a music box plays
a spindle wheel broken

The happy ending 
that in dreams I see
may it all turn out, 
as a childish plea
the words I've lost,
 heaven be spoken
the story of a princess 
whose eyes will never open...

Roses and silver ire
dance in the moonlit sky...
grant me my one desire...
do so, or I shall die.....

shedding tears of contempt
bleeding wounds of regret...
in darkness I repent.....
sins I wont ever forget

© 2013 Adelise Eclair

Author's Note

Adelise Eclair
Were her dreams nothing but images that had no value?

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This was beautiful. I love the use of roman numerals to present parts, and you used them wonderfully. Great piece!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Adelise Eclair

11 Years Ago

Thank you :)
The poem was beautiful! I loved it

Posted 11 Years Ago

Adelise Eclair

11 Years Ago

Thank you :)

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Added on January 13, 2013
Last Updated on January 17, 2013
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Adelise Eclair
Adelise Eclair


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