Memoir II

Memoir II

A Chapter by Adelise Eclair

Her affection







     I spent most of my childhood within my bedroom. My only companions were mother and father, who would come, to teach me how to read and write every single day when they weren’t preoccupied with work or other matters. During meals, mother would bring a tray of food and we would eat by the balcony, enjoying the scenery outside. I remember the scent of daisies that would breeze in from the meadow. The manor was surrounded by them, so taking in their perfumes was always something to look forward to.


          After meals, I would lean in on the marble rails and look out towards the horizon. What lied beyond the field of daisies that rested within these stone paved walls? Where did the birds that sang every morning fly off to? We’re they always confined within the bounds of this manor, or was there somewhere, far from this place where they would all come together and sing?


      A haven full of flowers and trees, where birds of different shape, size and color of varied hues come together and sing, how lovely would that be? Oh how I would love to see such a sight!


     "Then make it come true." Mother said, after hearing my exclamations about it. She told me that there was more to the world. More to the square shaped world that I knew of. There existed beauty far from what I could ever imagine. Is that really true? Was I merely bounded by the sight of an ugly reality and could therefore not see more to this world? Mother’s words sparked a light a within me.


     Of course those words were no more but a response to an ignorant child's plea to understanding. Mother knew that her words meant going "outside" It meant leaving the walls that sheltered Whittlerose manor, and I know her only reason for such response was to ignite false anticipation. For her to silence endless questioning, so that I may not delve myself further deep into things that I did not understand.


  But if that was her only intention, she would have said something like, "It will happen someday" "Don't worry, you'll see it" something optimistic yet shallow and hypocritical. 


   But she didn't.



"Then make it come true"




     Those were her words. Cut short and vague that it doesn't reassure me of anything. It didn’t give any straight idea to what outcome was in store for me. I was neither enlightened nor let down. Yet something ignited within me, a spark, just a tiny one, but I felt it strongly deep within. As if it was something I could so easily grasp with my hand.


     Who would have thought that such spark was to become the most precious thing my mother ever gave to me besides the blessing of life. Out of all the love and care she has shown me, I think that it was this simple response of hers that made much of a difference. I might never know her exact intentions when she had said this, It might as well have been no different than a passing thought but I am sure of one thing; her words meant the world to me, and it pains me that she won't ever realize that

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It's so cute, despite the dark reality Roszhalia lives in! The only error I see is in this chapter. It's a simple grammar error: "We’re they always confined within the bounds of this manor, or was there somewhere, far from this place where they would all come together and sing?" We're should be "were". But I truly do love it! Please write more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Adelise Eclair
Adelise Eclair


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