A Poem by Ahmad Cox

There are some people
Who think very logically
They have a hard time
Seeing anything that
Doesn't make sense in
Their minds and that
Doesn't fit into their
Ideas of what is
Logical and right and
What they can see right
In front of their eyes
There are also the
People who understand
And comprehend the
World around them
Through their feelings
And emotions and
Can see the bigger
Picture and the bigger
Plan easier than most
We all make up our
Own parts and we
All have our own
Purpose and even
Though we are all
Different in our own
Ways we must learn to
Appreciate the wonderful
Differences that make
Up the whole and
To see and take notice
Of the wonderful and
Beautiful diversity of
Life and of people and
Of thoughts and even
Of the Earth as well
As we begin to
Celebrate the diversity
Instead of trying to
Segregate and separate
Ourselves based on our
Differences we should
Be trying to learn and
Understand from each
Other instead of trying
To conquer and subjugate
People to our ideas and
Ways of thinking we should
Be trying to see things
From the other side of
Things and understanding
There is more the life than
Right or wrong and trying
To prove yourself to others
And seeing that even with
All of our differences we
Are for more connected
And alike than we all
Could imagine and once
We understand that simple
Truth everything else starts
To fall into place as we start
To see the beautiful diversity
And the wonder of life as
We begin to see things
More completely and
Understand we are all
Parts of one big great
Diverse community that
We call the human race

© 2013 Ahmad Cox

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i felt this one....

great work!

I'm new on here, so it would be an honour if you could review some of my poems!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Ahmad, a very truthful look at the sorry views of our world society. To put things in perspective we accept the diversity in tree's, all plant life, animals food and drink. We are surrounded by diversity but we fail to accept the differences in each other. Imagine a World of one type of music,one color, one genre etc... Your poem stimulates the positive need of change. Many Blessings. Richie B.

Posted 4 Years Ago

This poem has got quite a 'speech' metre. I can just imagine it being spoken aloud on a stage. The message in it, of course, should be heard by everyone.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I live in Detroit. We have been mixed-up for a long time. We do our best to get along.
"As we begin to
Celebrate the diversity
Instead of trying to
Segregate and separate "
I tell the kids. Know your heritage and be proud. You came from a great people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. A outstanding poem.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on December 13, 2013
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Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox

San Jose, CA

My name is Ahmad and I have posted a lot of my poetry on hellopoetry.com but I wanted to check out this site and see if I can start posting and reading poetry here. more..

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A Poem by Ahmad Cox