The Business of Writing

The Business of Writing

A Poem by Amanda

A poem about the choice between writing and....well, eating.


My reason says that it is best,

To saunter through these final tests,

A stack of books pressed to my chest,

To stick it out and pass.


Though I care not for trade logistics,

Economics, or statistics,

I think I might just go ballistic,

If I gave up World Lit class.


My heart is heavy in Accounting,

An inner tension slowly mounting,

I’m sick of all this math and counting,

I think I’d rather write.


Though jobs are scarce and all must worry,

To and fro like mice we scurry,

I feel that I am in no hurry,

And know that I am right.


To don a business suit and blazer,

Stings my soul just like a taser,

In sweats and socks I’d rather laze or,

Read a book instead.


Or maybe write one, yeah I’d love it,

But don’t think I can rise above it,

To take my MBA and shove it,

Ignore what papa said.


The English majors flutter by,

Their hearts so full of words, and I,

Can only breath a jealous sigh,

And wish I were so brave.


To write and read and read and write,

No food to eat, no cash in sight,

But ever blessed with such insight,

To never comfort crave.


Not I, not I. I can’t afford,

To either starve or be adored,

Or live under a loving lord,

And feed my writers’ whim.


The business majors are content,

Not happy, but we pay our rent,

Until our souls are worn and spent,

And writers’ light grows dim.


While not adverse to higher learning,

I cannot lie, my heart is burning,

With more than just a subtle yearning,

To write, to write, to write.


For now, the call must be ignored,

In feirce pursuit of paths deplored,

And yet, my heart is drifting toward,

The light, the light, the light.

© 2010 Amanda

Author's Note

*emo hair flip* This is about my current struggle.

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What a fabulous piece. 'Though I care not for trade logistics, Economics, or statistics' - I love those too lines. The rhyme in this is perfect throughout.

Posted 12 Years Ago

WOW!!!! I can sooo relate. I loved the piece...follow your heart. Great work as always!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Follow your passion! MBA can be back-up!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great Poem! Something it's hard to write when you're caught up in so many things including studies.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Awesome! I wish we can just take English classes instead of math and science!

Posted 13 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this! It had a great flow, and it was humorous also; (I don't know if that was intended though).

Posted 13 Years Ago

When I was a young man forty years ago. The future was 32 hour work weeks. A utopia for artist, writers and music. That went into the dumpster. I believe world will get better. We will re-learn to appreciate education of music, the word and art again. I feel sorry for the young people of today. They may have a hard time. But writing and speaking skills will always have a purpose. A excellent poem. I like the ending.

Posted 13 Years Ago

This was a great writing about how you would love to be writing instead of doing all that schoolwork. I think you should do both, and you're young and will succeed!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Your struggle is well-expressed in many interesting ways. I like the rythmic beat while reading through this great write! Enjoyed it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on December 6, 2010
Last Updated on December 6, 2010
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