Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by Autumn

A startling phone call.


Daniel started as the telephone rang, disturbing his reading of a fantastic book while he was trying to ignore the world around him in the comfort of his own living room. He glared at the phone intently, willing it to stop ringing, hoping that it was just his imagination.


   It rang again and the receiver rattled.


   It then rang a third time.


   Daniel grabbed the receiver and put it to his left ear, then leaned in close to the transmitter and answered, "Daniel Penrose, leader of Expedition Team 875 at the Federation of International Archeology."


   "Ah, yes. Hello, Daniel," came a voice with a slight German accent, slow and calm. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.


   "May I ask who I'm speaking with?" demanded Daniel, stiffly.


   "My name is Alexander Blu. I see you've been causing a bit of distress up there in London."


   His thoughts ran frantic. Unless Herald told anyone, no one else knew about the orb, and no one could relate him into the incident with Caroline. He wondered why this man suspected him.


   "I didn't do anything, I swear." It was the truth, he hadn't.


   "Oh, no, I know you didn't do anything to harm them. You see, it was the orb that did it."


   "What?" breathed Daniel in disbelief.


   "Well, not the orb, that is actually a very holy object, but rather, the orb's guardian. It does enjoy keeping its master a secret; and it'll be after you, next, if you refuse to do anything about it."


   "Who are you?" That time, he was really asking Alexander why he was calling.


   "I've been studying that orb for a very long time, following it. Everyone who has picked it up in the past died before I was able to get ahold of them. What I would like is if you would travel out and join me at my castle so we could work towards fixing your problem and possibly even save your life."


   "But I cannot just leave the FIA behind and everybody else on such short notice. I would lose my job!" He had to strain his voice to keep from shouting.


   "Life or death, Daniel, it's your choice. At the very least, your life can be spared for a few extra weeks before the guardian knocks on my front gates.


   "Remember, I'm risking my life, too," Alexander threw in as a final remark.


   Daniel hesitated, though he immediately knew what his answer would be. He was only afraid to leave his life behind. "Can you provide transportation?"


   "It's already arranged," replied Alexander in confidence. "I'll have a boat waiting for you at Cape Poole tomorrow afternoon at two. I suggest you pack quickly, as you will have to leave early to get there on time. The trip will be over night, and I will greet you at Brennenburg Castle in the Northern German Forest the next evening. Have a lovely day, Daniel, and I'll see you soon." He hung up on a cheery note, given the grim situation.


   Daniel began packing anything he could think of: clothes, books, the wrapped orb, and a picture of him and his brother.


   That night, he had trouble sleeping at all.

© 2011 Autumn

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I want chapter 6! XP

Posted 13 Years Ago

nice. Keep writing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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