A Poem by Amata Luna

Mind no more




Tell me

not you foolish

knave•Your ravings exhaust

me to the point of this craze•

Lead me not to anything that

you please•Your ramblings do

had me nothing but sneers•

Let not your musings

be noise in my ear•

Lest this dragon breathe its fire and consume you as being•

Let the broken glass go and the shattered pieces there•

Lest you pick them up and bloody cut yourself•

Never test a spring too hot or not to be still•

Dip into the water and you’ll know

the answer; feel! •If you are

fish brained and stubborn for

that I can’t say•For a battle against

the witless would a waste of worthless

schemes•Twist the facts I’m the villain, yes that’s

what you did•A rogue, a knave, a hog my mind can think•

Did I let my guard down at your feet? •Did you crush my

heart to bits? •Nay don’t

assume you ageless,

dimless wit•It’s your

tongue not your

ear who makes

you•Your lies

that made you

ill•So mind

no more

of talking to this

widow•A spider’s






Amata Luna

© 2012 Amata Luna

Author's Note

Amata Luna
Alright, another one of my ramblings. Without direction. I don't even know if things are appropriate in here. All I know is that I just let my hand write and I've come up with these. Thank you in advance for everyone who will read and review my writing. All of you are greatly appreciated. My thanks. :*>

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"Lest this dragon breathe its fire and consume you as being•" --> this is really amazing amata! well written and every lines.... make a new figure :D
- Kuhr Gred

Posted 12 Years Ago

I can see clearly that you put a piece of your life and emotion in this poem,

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 17, 2012
Last Updated on May 17, 2012
Tags: random, life, inspiration, riddle


Amata Luna
Amata Luna

I write when something brings me to it. I write when somebody pushes me into it. I write when things are sad and when things are not. I write when I'm inspired. To inspire, I write. To share is to wri.. more..

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