Nature's Communication

Nature's Communication

A Story by Shwetz

I believe nature has its own way of communicating! I had gone for trekking few months ago and it could so evidently be seen. Actually it was more about the 'nature' of the nature. Everything there seemed to be welcoming and friendly. I should say if it was not so, it would never be a trekking point most visited. Later, when I visited my hometown, I happened to visit one of the beaches. It was so very beautiful, clean and in all its form with coconut trees sloping down its bank, nice big waves caressing its shores and also beautiful mighty eagles, the same ones which you see in the television; with big brown torso and white head and tail, which stays royally perched on the coconut tree and leaves only to enchant the waves at its discretion. That part of the sea was not friendly. It was evident. Not one soul was there at its bank apart from the eagle which I mentioned. It was so proud, self-contained perhaps even raging at our sight. The sea at its banks were surrounded with rocks. Not the friendly ones you usually see, welcoming which asks you to sit on it. These rocks were like guardians to that sea. It had coarse, rough body covered at parts with sands. It was so covered that you would find it really difficult to know if the place where you step is rocky or a crevice; enough to take you down in its gaps. And it did. I made to go to the shore, and I stepped on one of those rocks. And down it went in one of the fissure that it mercilessly scraped my leg. It was like a signal, a communication that we were not supposed to go down near the shore. It somehow was also a warning that if I did go I had to expect worse. I pulled myself slowly out and sat on one of those rocks with my bleeding leg hoping it would not mind me sit there. And I was glad it didn’t. We lingered there for a while, admired it's beauty from a distance and were off.

These are only one of the similar occasions I mentioned. But so different yet overwhelming at the same time. And I should say I loved them both. Both were so powerful and clear in its communication. How can you say that such things are mere tangible objects with no life. They are the most living things that I have come across. The first instance, it was so motherly and caring and the other a proud individual as a King, who was orderly and organised, well-disciplined and had made that place as its territory. Humans must have brought all such orders, disciplines and civilisation that have come and gone and which we see, learning it first from the nature.

© 2018 Shwetz

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Added on November 6, 2018
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