What I did For Love

What I did For Love

A Story by Amy

When you're in fourth grade, what could eb more important than being noticed by the prettiest girl in class?


What I did for Love

“Do you see her yet?” my best friend Billy nudged my shoulder.

“Who?” I pretended not to know.

Billy’s eyes bulged. “The girl with the pink ribbon.”

“She has a name you know,” I mumbled. Yeah, I had seen her. I knew where she was without even looking. Emily always spent recess on the swings. But when my eyes swung over to get a glimpse. She wasn’t there.

“Nate,” a girl’s voice called me. “Nate.” It was Nadine, Emily’s best friend and she looked really upset.

“What’s wrong?” I asked without pausing to think about her girl status.

“It’s Emily.”

“Emily?” My Emily? “What is it? Where is she?’

“She lost her lunchbox,” Nadine sobbed.

“Why is that such an emergency?” Billy complained loudly.

“She had something in it that was very important.” Nadine wagged her head sadly.

“Where is her lunchbox?” Billy looked at me like I had just lost my mind, but Emily was the prettiest girl in fourth grade. I had to help her.

“The principal took it.”
“What?” Why would old Mr. Jenks want a lunchbox for? “Come on Billy, we have to get it.”

“No way, we’ll be in a lot of trouble if we get caught.”

“We won’t get caught,” I hissed.

Billy stood nervously outside the office door to watch while I used a paper clip to open the door to Mr. Jenks office. Just when I was ready to give up, I spied the lunchbox on top of the bookshelf. I snatched it and me and Billy ran back to the playground where Emily was waiting for us.

“Here,” I gasped, breathless from our run.

“Now what was so important in there,” Billy demanded.

Emily smiled and opened the box. It looked normal to me, a sandwich, drink. I couldn’t see anything worth risking my life over. “This is for you Nate,” she smiled shyly and pulled a sheet of paper from the bottom.

After her and Nadine ran away I opened the paper. “Do you like me. Yes or No?” With a whoop, I showed the paper to Billy. “Worth risking our lives for,” I exclaimed.

© 2011 Amy

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This was so sweet! If only to be young and in love again! You really bought out the meaning of young true love in this, I mean to go in the principal's office and get her lunch box back is love!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I am so many things rolled into one, a daughter, a mother, a sister. I love to write (mostly romance) I love a good love story I still believe in happily ever after, even though mine has escaped.. more..

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