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"A Father's Day..."

"A Father's Day..."

A Poem by Chris

I’ve a quiet wish to pass on to those that understand.


As I deal … I’ve a quiet wish to pass on to those that understand.

“May your children find and treat YOU as their own ‘after-thought’ when your turn comes and may you…YOU… remember and treasure each and every time as I do.”



“A Father’s Day…”


There comes a moment

when we pause

and breathe deep

and pause again

…and look to and through the glass

and see

- our world -


regardless of any wish we ever had

…and accept what is, 

the weres, and

even the “if-onlys”

- we’ve endured.


Moments that indelibly leave marks.

The nearness of missing friends,

…times where we reached beyond what we only had,


…know… as true

…or even lived -

to find what we only dreamed -

and sometimes (or even mostly)

that the night’s mares were owned,

that what we've never known -

is what it is…

just, what it is.


We aren't simplistic…

just ever the fools -

silly lost souls,

children - being led.

We are what life made us,

What times and people gave us.

Left behind to deal as only we can.

…as only





© 2020 Chris

Author's Note

Feel free.

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it wasn't until I read Mr. Noodle's comment and your reply that I realized that "after thoughts" comes for me on a day that is not the holiday.. the kids and grand kids don't always remember on the day that has been designated for remembering and I am sometimes a little hurt by that.. but when they call unexpectedly just to chat.. or I get a picture on my cell of something that either reminded them of me or reminded me of them.. or the times I wake to a smiley face in my text messages.. and... I was just the same.. now it seems I am too busy to remember being too busy to remember.. sometimes.. I'll be back.. I've learned that there is almost always more to be revealed when I stop by..

Posted 1 Week Ago

hmmmmm we do our best don't we Chris!? some people read all the books ... some simply dive in ... some run away .. some abuse the privilege of parenting ... no matter what choices we make .. it is a crap shoot ... being a parent says i! ... we do our best and for most .. it all works out ..and after the rebellions and arguments and fishing, camping, Sunday pancakes ...we can become respecting mature friends with our children ... and laugh how under it all ... they will remain our children. ;) thanks for sharing your unique voice and poem on Fathers ..the pausing and breathing and accepting and reminiscing all especially touched me .. what might be missing is when they don't call or write :(((((((( love and peace brother! glad you are back and sharing your poetry

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

I think THIS said what you felt was missing...

As I deal … I’ve a quiet wish to p.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Week Ago

yes ... it does ... and you know .. i did pick up on that but it was in a back corner somewhere ;} i.. read more
A great poem on fatherhood and life, superb musing then the end stanza sums it all awesomely. Kudos for a fine poem.!!

Plz pleez do read and comment my newest poem too. I like poets thoughts.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

“is what it is...Just, what it is.”- period, end of sentence. What we put in and take out of it..So many things we can’t control. But we can remember...Our kids matter, above it all- period, end of sentence. Loved this contemplative and tender poem Chris.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

Thanks for pausing and understanding.
Children never ever fully appreciate their parents till they have kids of their own and they pull the same crap you did when you were their age. Then they realize the hell they put you through, or they realize how not to be with their kids whichever the case maybe. ;D My poor foster dad, man, they things we did would leave him "shake in" , and my kids would leave me "shake in", now my kids children are making their parents call me an sayin " thanks mom for cursing me to have kids just like me" and I tell them " revenge is sweet and best when cold" > :)

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

The softest smile... yep, you understand...

3 Weeks Ago

only a parent can :D
felt free and enjoyed the read

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

You're welcome to pause and leave your thoughts as well...anytime
Such a strong and beautiful write Chris. All these thoughts and more clamber through our brain as we age. We are as what made us." …. and to quote another poet: "An unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

~ Helena ~

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

I appreciate your pausing and your comments.
I know that your words brought comfort to those who needed it yesterday.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Forever is composed of nows. Even knowing this, every second, there comes a foolish future of us, seeing us, in waters, and we found ourselves knowing, that forever is composed of nows. So why all this trouble? There's a line between understanding and performing, and this line gets thicker with time, on itself, we have the ability to rub or draw, it's for what we choose. Choose now.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Nods a welcome and thank you

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9 Reviews
Added on June 22, 2020
Last Updated on June 22, 2020
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Lansing, MI

"Life is an adventure... Pain, well you deal. Thanks for being here. 06/21/2020 I'm back and working on. I've been otherwise occupied for a bit. Thanks for pausing with me and I do hope you .. more..

"Being Me..." "Being Me..."

A Poem by Chris

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