the prologue of the book Addora the fairy princess

the prologue of the book Addora the fairy princess

A Chapter by Andile

the history of the book







The fae realm is one the most breathtaking places in all the realms it is a lovely place nad a magical one too.Many men have gone insane tryinng to look and find for this place. Those lucky ones that have watched the feas dance tell the most magically stories one have ever heard.


The kingdom of the faes was once ruled by the powerful Orla Tatania. She was a great queen and was the most powerful queen ever seen. She not only had the poiwers to control the lives of mankind but was also the oinly fae who could control the the elements of the earth. Orla had all the powers in the world but still she felt incomplete. This caused great pain to her as she wanted to feel complete. lt was long until her path of life crossed with one of a neighbouring elf prince. One look changed it all for once she felt complete and whole. THe elf prince 's name was Spring he got his name from the season he was born in. Soon enough their love was known and a there was a wedding thatreunited the fae and the elf race.


Deep in the mountains of salsva  doom was brewing. The evil Wizard was getting up to no good. He could not possible let the fae and the elf race unite. Their union sent a really bad wedge through his plan. So enough he was going to let his army of monsters free to roam on land and destroy the fae race there was going to be war. No one was allowed to send him to the dungeons to live their for the rest of his life. Titania was the  fae that had defeated him. Now the curse upon him would spread across her pitiful land and those of the her loving inlaws the elf race definentlynot forgetting the pixies,nymphs and the mermaids.


the war began the races from the realms were not ready many were killed and  afew survived. The evil wizard did not know that when the wsar broke out Orla Tatania was already expecting a baby and was due to be delivbered anytime soon. at the verge of the army of the monsters broke into the castle Orla gave birth to a baby and a  council of the protecters was formed. Orla was only given a minute to touch her baby before she was transformed to a place considered to be haven to her at that time. Orla survived the war but was captured by the evil wizard. Spring the search fowas cast into the dungeons only now has the news about the child of Orla has surfaced and everyone has started r this child whom has a a prophecy to fulfill. 



where could she be and who is going to find her first?????????the story begins

© 2012 Andile

Author's Note

please do the review no emotions sparred

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I see where your going with this piece I like it great movie too! My daughter would love this.

Posted 8 Years Ago

A. Smith

8 Years Ago

keep going this book could be magical

7 Years Ago

thank you very much for the lovely comment

7 Years Ago

thank you very much for the review. it means a lot to me. Wish you the best in your writing

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