Sobriety #2

Sobriety #2

A Poem by Angeldust-magic

I feel so fucked up, i want sanity to finally reach me
Im over here crying and pleading
I looked in the mirror and found myself
Actually shocked to find something else
I am used and abused, drugged up and stripped down,
Im searching but this emptiness is all i found
When you look out at the world and everything is ugly,
Its hard just to find a piece of something
Im afraid of myself, no hope has been left
Im on my knees begging, I'm constantly shaking
God please just show me something
Life use to be so beautiful
What the f**k happened?
I miss the love and feeling connection,
Please give me some motivation.

© 2013 Angeldust-magic

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I looked in the mirror and found myself
Actually shocked to find something else
Wow, those lines^ just freaking put my heart in my mouth cause its so true, it's shocking. I often look into the mirror and feel like i'm looking at a stranger.
This is it for me , this is the piece by you i've been waiting, wanting to read!
Please give me some motivation, God has given it to you honey, the way you ask him for motivation is the gift he's provided to you. Writing, it's a part of you I can tell, you're capable of doing wonders, with your words of hope you can save the damned from the fires of hell. Keep working on your gift, the stars aren't far out of reach from your fingertips.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 5, 2013
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I really just needed a place to show my writing, and have people acknowledge it. I want feed back so I can get better, but none on punctuation, and spelling (I know it's bad.) I write poetry, songs, r.. more..