Realmz of Darkness

Realmz of Darkness

A Chapter by Annockonda

Lucifer...the Notorious Antagonist now becomes the Protagonist, as he bends his diabolic mind to its ultimate in creating the final and greatest deception ever...





Chapter 1


The six sat in stony silence, the air tensed, yet electrified with expectations, each in their own thoughts. No one knew for certain why they were so hastily summoned, but each knew for a fact that this wasn’t an ordinary meeting. Fifteen minutes ago they had been so busy meeting deadlines and completing tasks. But this meeting was priority, it wasn’t optional.


Techatra, the highest-ranking person present of the group, settled down in the large comfortable padded chair and propped his chin in his palm. His elbow rested on the cushioned armrest as he looked at each of the five faces, wondering what their thoughts were. This was one of his favorite pastimes…figuring out what others were thinking. He didn’t have the art to perfection as yet, but he was pretty close to becoming a master of the game. It took just a change in the facial features, a twitch of a particular muscle, the amount of perspiration on a body part, the change in heart-beat rate. All these were pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of one’s thinking process. Yeah, he was getting good at his craft.


Nyphryl, one of his closest friends, was sitting in the chair opposite to him with his fingers nervously drumming the edge of the table. They shared a lot of memories together, as a matter of fact Nyphryl was the chief of the seraphim, but by the rhythmic staccato his fingers were tapping out on the mahogany surface, he could tell that he was nervous about this meeting in particular.


Kyario’s chair creaked as weight was shifted to enable comfort. Ooh how he loathed this proud, self-centered b*****d. Kyario was the chief cherubim and was extremely intelligent, but his intelligence was his Achilles heel, and as far as Techatra could assume Kyario was probably doing the same thing he was doing �" trying to read each person’s thought.


Techatra’s roving eye rested on Zarion, who was staring at a fixed mental point. This was one bitter diabolic soul. He was somewhat of a perfectionist when it came to being evil, sometimes he went a bit too overboard, too eccentric, as he did with the holocaust, but still, that was ok. It was all for the cause. He, Zarion, was preoccupied in his thoughts with the wonderful work that he was doing on the African continent.


There was a soft rustling sound of wings being expanded. Techatra’s head swiveled to the direction of the source. It was Sercurius �" sick, psychopath. For six thousand three hundred years since they were on planet earth he had trod softly with this maniac �" because he operated in tandem with an equally sadistic counterpart �" Phencur.  Even by demonic standards these two were just sheer evil. It was impossible �" almost �" to read their thoughts. They perfected, in large degrees, the ability to subdue and conceal their emotions. That was their element of surprise when they did their demonic acts. That was what made them the Boss’s closest lieutenants.


Techatra sighed as he adjusted his wings for comfort and further eased back into the soft confines of his chair. Yep, they had come a long way. Even though they had their differences of opinions, they were all brothers �" all fallen angels. The six of them were generals in the vast fallen angelic army. Seven billion angels. Six leaders. One master. 


Techatra, along with the others, were a bit perplexed by the instructions that Reficul had given them in regard to how they should present themselves at the meeting. They were to come in their original forms, no adjustment to their heights. Their skin colors and textures must be in its original state, their eyes, their wing spans…everything must be according to their ranks and initial creation. The last time they were given such specifics was a little over two thousand years ago.


Techatra remembered that meeting vividly; it was when Jesus walked this land.


Even remembering His name caused real pain to Techatra. But he remembered that meeting, because it came at a time when Jesus was doing all that could possibly be done for humanity. Lucifer was elated to have (what was to be) a final duel with Him. Jesus was on this ridiculous mission to save mankind, save the world. But He had exposed Himself…too much…and that was enough for the council to strike.  Lucifer had wanted everyone to be optimal in their thinking. This plan when executed would have brought them closer to their goal of universal dominance. This little planet was just another battlefield, a base, their headquarters, but it was going to be pivotal for their attack, and Jesus had played right into their hands.


It was something that they did not fully understand. How could He become a human being? But He was… and that meant that He could be killed. And if He could be killed…then they were the ones to do it. The Trinity would be broken and Jesus would be their prisoner forever. The other Trinity members would have to give up their positions to have back His body. Yea, it was a master plan. If Jesus would just once have a shadow of controversy with the “cursed” law that they the Trinity had contrived, then the rebels would be rulers… as it was meant to be. Lords and masters of this universe that they were fighting so hard to rule…


His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden drop in the temperature of the room. The room was already cool but it was now taking on a deathly chill. Each of them looked alert; they too had felt the creeping chill. Someone gasped, probably Kyario, as they all felt in unison, a severe tension on their bodies, then there was an intense pressure as they felt their insides being compressed. With eyes bulging they knew what was happening, they were no strangers to this, as a matter of fact, these scenarios were always an accurate indication of what mood Lucifer was in, and by the feeling of the pressure applied, they knew it wasn’t a pleasant one.

Suddenly, the room went dark, except for the seventh chair.


That was Lucifer’s chair.


An eerie halo of light glowed around it. Hovering over the blue and red cushioned seat of the chair was an illuminated shard. Each person was now looking in half fear, and half expectancy, sweat forming on the brows and upper lips, each eyes now affixed to the shard. The light grew brighter and brighter, and started spinning in a clockwise direction at an alarming speed, getting brighter with each revolution, searing the eyes of the onlookers.


Then it stopped. A black hole then was formed in the center of the shard, sucking all the light into it. Then there was complete, thick hanging darkness… Silence…




No one spoke. The sound of trickling water followed, accompanied by a soft chuckling laugh. Then in a sudden explosion of colors and light that made them jumped, startled in their seats, they saw him, wrapped in a soft, almost gentle mist. The mist slowly cleared away and they audibly sucked in the air as the room became lighted again and they saw Reficul stepping from the mist.


 Lucifer had arrived.


























Chapter 2


There he was, in all his glory.


It had been thousands of years since any of them had seen him in his original form. Standing at twenty two feet tall in comparison to their twenty, he was an immense being.


His chiseled beauty was only complimented by his immaculately sculptured body. His bluish black hair touched his shoulders as if it was gently caressing the glow of light which surrounded him. Six thousand years of rebellion and yet his beauty was astounding. His torso, with its intricate biological composition, gleamed with all the precious stones one could think of; Sardius, topaz, diamonds, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire and emerald. His legs and arms were a mixture of carbuncle and gold.


Truly he was beautiful �" except for his eyes. They told a different tale. They were deeply set below his broad intellectual forehead. The years of rebellion and deceit of every kind were registered there. In them one could see the billions of lives whom this master rebel had taken, the billions of living souls, doomed to die, which belonged to him. His eyes pierced into the soul of all. They were an abyss of cold emotional intense hate… a murderer who killed for the fun of it. They resembled pools of dark murky waters with a hint of sunshine on the edges, pulling, luring and ensnaring.


There was no misconception of the unfathomable depth of his evil. He loved nothing… Nothing except power. If power was to come through the ruin of an entire world, then so let it be. He feared no other created being… except for his nemesis and sworn enemy Gabriel. He was the god of this earth. 


He looked at his six generals. He knew they feared him, but were loyally devoted to him. True, they had some leadership issues when the rebellion had just started, but that was in the past now. He had to use severe and harsh methods to get his points across, but they all realized that his power and cunningness were far superior to anything they could even imagine. They revered him…and he loved it. His word was law, and none dare disobeyed.


 He would have preferred them to be more competent, however.

They were not as astute and aware of the time as he wanted. They had obviously forgotten that a time factor was crucial to their existence. He was always on the ball, thinking and scheming, universal dominion was his ultimate goal, and these generals were only concerned with this insignificant crap of a planet. As a matter of fact, earth was the worst spot in the entire universe. It was a dump; it had the dumbest and puniest of all intelligent life forms ever made. He hated humans; they were stupid, weak minded and dangerous. Yet still, his hated nemesis (Gabriel) and the Trinity favored this wretched, lowlife creation… but revenge would be his. When he unveiled his master plan, the Fraternity of Fallen Angels (F.O.F.A.) would marvel at his intellect, his guile, his cunning and his superior way of thinking. He was their god… and soon the Universe’s too.


The six generals of the F.O.F.A looked at Lucifer as he settled down into his diamond encrusted golden chair. His face looked like a dark storm cloud, and his piercing eyes seemed like shards of lightning.  Lucifer was obviously not in the best of moods. 


“Worthless,” he thundered, pausing for a moment to allow his words to sink in like daggers.

“In six thousand years we have not come closer to a solution of universal dominance, seven billion of us, seven billion superior minds, and not one of my finest minds has come up with a solution….? Worthless, that’s what you all are. True, I have given you all permission to punish these humans, the mayhem and the wars are ok…but do you realize, my comrades, that time is almost done?” 

Lucifer eyes were now blazing like an inferno. His voice seemed to electrify the air as he spoke.  Techatra was now getting nervous; his pulse was now racing like a herd of wild horses.


The last time he had seen Lucifer so worked up and emotional was over two thousand years ago; the place…the Middle East, Sunday morning.


It was the resurrection saga…Jesus’ resurrection.


Techatra had vivid memories of this. He remembered the Thursday night. He hated Jesus but he admired the guy’s resilience. The F.O.F.A was closely monitoring Jesus for almost thirty three and a half years. They had tried everything to get him to break.  No one still understood how he could have become a human being…yet still He was the One who was a part of the Trinity. They were sure that this was Him.


At His birth the entire Celestial Federation of Angels (C.F.O.A) traveled to earth to be a part of the celebration. The F.O.F.A. simply referred to them as the Federation.  Jesus dared to come to earth and not only that…He came as a human…weak, vulnerable insignificant humans. Lucifer had studied these prophecies closely, but couldn’t understand the logic of what the Trinity was doing. Would They risk the entire universe for these humans? It was preposterous to think so…but here He was…a human. Surely Lucifer could get Him to err…even a little bit was enough to prove his point that God’s laws are much too unreasonable.


They had thrown every trick in the book to get Jesus to err…but for all their efforts…nothing, not even a slight shadow of a doubt. This wasn’t going too well for him at all. Jesus must sin, and if by some miracle He was able to withstand all that the Fraternity could throw at Him…then the only other option was death. Jesus had to die.


Techatra wasn’t sure if this was a brilliant move. “Reficul.” he said in a contemplative voice.

They were not permitted to call him by his proper name. So as a form of subordination, they were required to address him in the reversed format of his name.


“ if we kill Him, wouldn’t that expose our true motives to the C.F.O.A?, so far we have been having very cordial relationships with a few of them, had it not been for the diplomatic ties which exists with a few of them…we wouldn’t know stuff, you know. And when the Trinity meets with the other reps from across the galaxies, we would not have that info to make us able to attend, we would be cutting the last existing ties between the C.F.O.A and the F.O.F.A., don’t you think?”


Lucifer looked at him with disgust and disdain,


“Do you think I care about ties at this time, huh? What would be your brilliant alternative then? Let Him walk free, do you think another opportunity like this will come again? Ever? Listen carefully, all of you, and listen well. Jesus must not succeed in His mission. His success concretizes our death penalty. We have one chance, perhaps the best chance…and we are going to take it.”


The council listened in awe and respect as Lucifer went on to paint a futuristic picture of their lives of success and universal governance. Their hearts filled with hope once more as he detailed his plans and their roles in making this a reality.


“And listen my comrades, if Jesus manages to resist our persuasions and allow Himself to be executed by us, then the Trinity would have painted themselves into a corner, you see, when He dies no other Trinity member can raise Him back to life. If They do…then that proves that He is not God. Because one of the conditions of being God is that He must have life un borrowed and un derived. Now, I don’t know much about life…but I do know death, and when you are dead….you’re dead. Simple. That’s the fact. Now, if we manage to kill Him, He becomes our hostage…once our hostage…then we can bargain…the Trinity has allowed their love affair with humanity to be their destruction. A dead Jesus suits our purposes better than a live One.  Comrades, we are one step closer to home.”


All the angels gave a standing ovation in respect of the brilliancy of the plan. Lucifer was an authentic genius. This is why they trusted him with their very lives, he was brilliant. The arch rebel smiled at the brilliancy of his plan, yes, he was going to follow Jesus all the way. But only as close as was allowable, for still, the C.F.O.A. kept a close watch over Him, and prevented any attacks from the F.O.F.A., Lucifer could live with that. He could still use his human instruments to inflict pain on his Ex Commander.


He tried to get Jesus to surrender to His passions in Gethsemane…failure…the judgment halls of Pilate and Herod were also battles lost…what was it with Jesus anyhow? Lucifer mused to himself, but he was not worried. Calvary was another matter. The universe that he was soon to rule would marvel at his sophistry and art.


His diabolic nature would have to be put to its ultimate test. After all…wasn’t he created as physically close to God Almighty as was possible? Wasn’t he still the most perfect and intellectual being God had ever created? Did he not possess all the wisdom that could have ever been bestowed on a created being?


Yes, he was Lucifer, the one who dared challenge the authority of heaven and was now standing on the brink of his greatest achievement…god of this universe.


 Lucifer was every step of the way on the walk to Calvary, his generals and a few of the most intellectual of the fraternity had assumed human forms. They helped to jeer Jesus, nothing worked, even when Lucifer himself was using all his force to make Him despair, Jesus seemingly locked Himself somewhere deep in  His mind. This was not good, not good at all. Even when He was on the cross and made the despairing cry

“Eloi, Eloi, la-ma sa-bach-tha-ni”…he (Lucifer) did not feel happy; Jesus’ mind was still with the Trinity. Lucifer glanced at his generals in the crowd, they were looking at him with crest fallen expectancy…Jesus still had not made that one vital mistake which they were so desperately in need of.


The C.F.O.A looked on in amazement at the Murderer they once trusted, loved and had sympathy with. His masked was fully torn off and they no longer saw Lucifer. They saw Satan. For the first time they saw evil in its most potent form, undiluted and raw…but Lucifer was past what they thought of him now. He had one last shot, and this was it.


“How much more can this Man take?” he wondered…then suddenly, like a sonic boom which ripped through his very being he heard, “IT IS FINISHED!”  Impossible… how could that be? He wasn’t supposed to die so soon! Lucifer’s heart turned to ice within his chest…time to initiate plan b.



That Friday evening the fraternity met. All were eager to know what all this meant to them, to their very existence. As all the angels gathered with a glum look on their faces, Lucifer stood up and slowly rubbed his palms together…the tip of his wings bent forward…


“Comrades” he started by saying,

“We may have lost this round of the battle, but the war is far from over. Don’t you all realize what we have achieved today? Jesus is our Guest of Honor; He has foolishly entered into our zone. I am Lucifer, I hold the keys of death in my hands, I am the cause of death, I made death a reality, I am the master of the grave, I- OWN-DEATH! This is what we will do, we will form a guard around his tomb, we will fight and repel any attempt of the Federation to take back His body, we will activate our human sources to start the work of obliterating Jesus’ name from history, disband the few followers He has gathered, ah yes, we will turn this seemingly bad situation around, if God wants back the body of their failed Hero, then they will have to come to our bargaining table….on our terms.”


The fraternity was ecstatic. Truly, Lucifer was as brilliant as God Himself…Lucifer must be a kind of God. He was brilliant beyond comparison.


All night Saturday the fraternity was standing by the tomb, the world was left on auto pilot; all were standing guard, ready for war. They were fully aware of the vast numbers of the C.F.O.A. and how they were beaten the last time, but this time was different, because their leader was now honed in the ways of wars, they were now trained killers, they had the humans to practice on. They were prepared. In addition, the last time around the C.F.O.A had Jesus to marshal them, Jesus was dead. Lucifer was confident that he could keep the odds in his favor.


Sunday morning…3:00 am, Lucifer was going over the final security arrangement with his generals…so far, so good, all was going well. He was looking intently on to a fixed point…a habit he had when he was deep in thoughts. He remembered Jesus’ bold promise of coming to life on the third day. He wasn’t sure what part of the third day He had proposed to do this but Lucifer wasn’t taking any chances, he was in charge of this whole operation, this was a night to be remembered.


The Federation was also out in their numbers, standing opposite his troops. Their faces were like granite, their features expressionless, their silence was a bit unnerving, but Lucifer wasn’t about to be scared at this point. This was the high point of his attempted coup.


In the meantime his chief general Techatra was feeling a bad vibe about all this, he was becoming mightily uncomfortable. His wings twitched nervously, it always twitched when he was nervous. He didn’t want Lucifer to see his nervousness, but he could not help it. He was still shaking inwardly, something was definitely not right.



The Federation was changing its formation, even Lucifer was acting unsure of what was happening…it was as if they were forming a live corridor stretching all the way to the constellation Orion…this definitely was not good…Orion was through which they were deported from heaven, Orion was through which fire had come down on Sodom and Gomorrah �" so many things about Orion…


4:15 am. The very air became still, not a leaf stirred. The night insects had grown eerily quiet, as if waiting in suspense. Techatra’s throat grew dry; he could barely swallow; now his wings were twitching so bad they seem as if they were fluttering. Lucifer did not know what to expect, the Federation was not attacking or anything…they just were there…but he was ready to fight if it was necessary.


Then they heard it. A howling sound, like a mighty rushing wind in the distance. What the heck was that? Lucifer thought to himself. The sound grew louder and they felt a slight tremor as the earth shook with a rumbling thundering sound. The air became icily cold…like death, and each gulp of air that they took was like a blade slicing into their lungs…they were fearful…very fearful. Then they saw it, a bright light at the top of the corridor, intensely bright and approaching at an incomprehensible speed. They were used to moving at great speeds but this was a speed never seen before or was even conceived by them.


The very atmosphere became electrified and sizzled and crackled as their eyes adjusted to the fast moving lighted object. As it came closer they realized it was an angel…an angel? Impossible. No angel could move that fast, but still, they could not deny what they were seeing, it indeed was an angel.


The angels in the Federation seemed unperturbed at the sight and were definitely unaffected by the drastic atmospheric changes that were happening. Lucifer’s thoughts were racing like comets in space on a collision course. He had no clue what was happening. His plans were being shattered to pieces right before his very eyes. He had no alternate planning for what was happening. He shielded his eyes from the approaching form, so bright was the light. Yet at twenty seconds away from him, he was able to see the angel that was bearing down on the location.


Lucifer was mortified at the sight. Ten seconds, and the angel’s speed was unchecked. Three seconds to impact. Lucifer’s mouth opened in horror as he recognized the face of the angel…then…boom! Like an atomic bomb exploding, the angel hit the earth’s surface causing the land mass to rock and reel like a drunken sailor on a storm tossed ship.


As the dust cleared, Lucifer’s eyes which were usually a deep abyss of dark mystery was now wild and terror stricken. Words eluded him as he gasped for air in the settling dust. It couldn’t be….but indeed it was. It was his arch nemesis, the only other being he hated as much as Jesus Christ himself…it was Gabriel.


Lucifer could not believe his eyes; Gabriel had been one of the chief oppositions of Lucifer’s plan in Heaven. It was Gabriel who had fought most gallantly at Jesus’ side in the great battle and had inflicted a deep diagonal gash on his upper torso. Lucifer still felt it aching at times. Even after four thousand years…the wound still lingered…the memory still painful.


Back then he was superior to Gabriel in form and physique, now, it was a turning of the tables. Gabriel’s skin was blazing like an inferno; his eyes were cutting and piercing. They seemed like twin volcanoes…ready to erupt. His face was bright as the sun itself. When he moved, his muscles rippled like waves on the ocean. He was now the holder of the office that Lucifer had squandered away. He was the covering cherubim who now ministered before God Almighty Himself.


Lucifer cringed in fear at the sight of Gabriel. The Roman soldiers who were guarding the tomb were so paralyzed with fear that they all fell down as if they were dead. Gabriel turned and looked at the F.O.F.A., in one orchestrated motion they turned tail and fled.


Lucifer would have fled also…but he could not. He was transfixed to where he stood. He was a prisoner, held against his will by a power far superior to his. He hissed liked a trapped animal…but no words came out of his mouth. He was speechless. His heart was heavy in his chest; he thought that he was going to be executed on the spot. His fear knew no bounds.


Then Gabriel spoke.


“Lucifer, you are about to witness the beginning of your end, you will kneel before your Maker.”


“What is he talking about?” Lucifer wondered in trembling fear.


Gabriel’s voice felt like frozen flames searing into his very fiber. Was this the appointed time of his death? Kneel before whom? These thoughts were racing through Lucifer’s mind as he tried to make sense of the situation. One thing was certain though, he was afraid and alone. All his trusted generals had long since fled; he would have also…if he could.


Lucifer’s eyes followed Gabriel’s every move like a frightened caged wild animal seeking to escape. He watched him as he proceeded to the massive stone which sealed the tomb in which Jesus laid. Gabriel easily rolled away the stone to the tomb, leaving a gaping dark hole, like a huge orifice ready to gobble up its prey. Lucifer was now visibly shaking from fear. His seemingly unfathomed knowledge base was now suddenly dried up. He had no clue what was happening. The earth was again deathly silent, no insect sang, no cattle lowing in the distant, not even a leaf rustling in the wind. Even the C.F.O.A was silent. The air was pregnant with expectancy.


Gabriel knelt down in reverent homage and said in a clear loud authoritative voice, “Jesus, Son of God, your Father calls you, He said it is now time.”


Lucifer’s eyes bulged in agonizing disbelief as he saw a soft glowing light being emitted from the dark cavern of the tomb. The light was now starting to get brighter and brighter…so bright that even Gabriel had to shield his eyes from its intensity. Lucifer’s eyes felt as if liquid flame had been poured directly into its sockets. For the first time since his lost in the rebellion, Lucifer cried. The pain was more than he could bear. Tears were streaming down his face.


Then through the watery mist of his tears of pain he saw something which plunged him into even a more agonized state of mind. The bright light which was being emitted from the tomb now formed three sides of a vertical hollow square.


The inside of the square was filled with a soft royal blue light which formed a hovering base which seemed to possess a life of its own. Lucifer’s knees failed him as he fell to them in utter dismay, the entire C.F.O.A shielded their faces and Gabriel bowed his head in reverence as Jesus stepped to the entrance of the tomb, the blue light base dancing beneath his feet.


The night air was alive with insects, they sang as their ancestors had sung at the very beginning of creation. Birds which usually would have been nested at this time were singing their hearts out. This was like spring time at midnight...The very air became electrified with life as Jesus took in three long deep gulps of pure air. He was alive…Lucifer’s insides were churning like a mill. He was feverishly hot yet subzero cold at the same time. He wanted to die at that very minute. His eyes were riveted to the face of Jesus. His lips were quivering with fear. Jesus was no longer the person whom he had tried to tempt and kill for the past thirty three and a half years….this was …God. The same Jesus who had crushed and dismantled his revolt in heaven…and now it seemed as if he was fixing to do it all again.


 Jesus looked directly into his eyes…a look which penetrated his very soul. Jesus’ eyes were blazing like flashes of lightening which were frozen in time and space. His skin was vibrant and youthful and had a strange luster to it…almost like a visible musical symphony.

 Then Jesus smiled. Soft and alluring, but unmistakably that of a victor. Confident and pleased. A smile which said…mission accomplished. His lips were twitching with joy and excitement �" then He spoke… 


“Now you have witnessed for yourself, I have laid down my life and have taken it up back again. I hold the keys of life….and of death in my hands. I am the Resurrection and the Life. I have broken your temporary grasp you have had on this planet. By my action, you have now been officially handed your death sentence…and will be executed when the time is right. As a demonstration of my power…even as I speak, a vast multitude of other persons who have resisted your power and had died are now up and about. Clothed with youthful flesh. These will never taste death again. They will return with me on my ascension to Heaven. They will be living proof to the universe that earth will be restored….and you will be destroyed.” Lucifer shrieked at the final words in the sentence… “You will be destroyed”… The C.F.O.A. was singing and shouting. The night sky was bathed in a brilliant array of lights as the Federation celebrated the resurrection.


Then Jesus was gone…where? He did not know, but He was gone and he was now left alone with Gabriel.


Gabriel walked up to Lucifer who was cowering with fear on the dew covered grass.

“You despicable excuse for an angel, you are free to go...go find your worthless army, and listen, if you ever set yourself outside the perimeter of earth’s atmosphere…you will answer to me. I will hurt you so bad; you will wish you were dead. You will no longer have access to go to the other inhabited planets. The tentative invitations which were extended to you when the Trinity meets the universal council have been revoked. You have lost that privilege.”


 Lucifer snarled, but wisdom told him that was all he could do. He knew he could never hope to fight and win a combat with Gabriel.


“Go now, it’s just a matter of time before your abominable scum is purged from the universe. Just remember that until it is decided, I will be standing by, waiting on any orders from the Throne Room to repel your attacks on those humans who choose to obey God.”


Suddenly the air was still once more, the night became darker, and the area became silent. Lucifer was alone again. When he arose from his kneeling position, he wrapped his wings around his entire frame…took a deep breath and let out an agonizing roar.


The Earth and its inhabitants would pay dearly for this. His hatred for humanity was now tenfold in its intensity. Woe to the inhabitants of this planet. He now knew his destiny. As many as possible will share his fate. He hated God, and humans were the only way to stick daggers into His heart. Man will feel his wrath.


Lucifer was loose.

© 2011 Annockonda

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