The Beast Within

The Beast Within

A Poem by Anthony C.

The anger in us all


It builds up inside of me-

like the radiation of an atom bomb:

growing larger and spreading;

clawing at my insides.


My face burns red,

heated by a magnificent fire

that does not exist,

but that makes its presence known.


The devil that sits on my shoulder

whispers words of tempt

that flow into my ears,

blocking out the angel.


The bomb ticks down,

ready to explode;

ready to unleash

a fury of rage.


My hands clench into a fist

and my eyes burn red;

my face heats up

and the bomb explodes.


The mushroom cloud

engulfs the sweltering air,

and the fire ravages

all things in its path.


Blinded by hatred,

the anger takes over,

fuel for spreading

the wildfire.



The anger brings out,

what looms inside,

and we cannot control

the beast within.


© 2014 Anthony C.

Author's Note

Anthony C.
Another poem that goes outside of my comfort-area. I generally write rhyming poetry and usually it is not about anger. This was a prompt presented to me- to write about a non-poetic emotion (such as anger, which is what I chose, or boredom). It would be greatly appreciated if you commented on what you think and I will return the favor.

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Added on November 5, 2013
Last Updated on January 25, 2014
Tags: anger, rage, fury


Anthony C.
Anthony C.


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