Native Love

Native Love

A Story by Whitney Shaw

Two Native’s courting the same woman, Bright Star. They play there love songs for Bright Star, but only one will win her heart? Or break her heart forever.

There is a young boy named Little Elk, he is tall and slim he also has long dark hair with a feather in his head and a flute in his hand. Every evening Little Elk would go up the canyon top to play his flute for the one he loves. Her name is Bright Star, she is very beautiful. She has long black hair down to her hips.
When she was down on the canyon floor Little Elk was on top of the canyon playing his flute. She could hear it echo down in the canyon. She was drawn to the sound and started to hike as she was hiking the trail was very smooth like someone had been there before many years ago, and made a path. As she was hiking she heard another flute sound. She stopped and listened to wear it was coming from. She started to follow the sound of the other flute maker, so she hiked back down. Little Elk was searching for the other flute maker as well.
Bright Star was looking everywhere, to find the other flute maker which was making the beautiful sound. As she was hiking down on the canyon floor she saw a shadow figure up on the canyon top, it was too high to see what it was. So she thought to herself "could it be the flute maker or an eagle about to take flight."
Little Elk looked down from the canyon top and watched Bright Star stare at something. So he looked across from where he was standing and saw the other flute maker. On top of the canyon top was a flat service all the way to the edge of the canyon. So Little Elk started to walk towards him, the other flute maker saw Little Elk and walked towards him. Soon they met face to face.
"She is my woman, she was drawn to my music, now she is down there looking for me we were destined to be together, ever since we were little," said Little Elk in anger.
"Not any more, she is looking for me now, she is the most beautiful Indian girl I have not seen in a long time, so young and pure," said the mysterious man smiling.
"Let's go and play our flutes for her, but no use of you playing, she'll come to me," said the mysterious man.
"We will see about that, we love each other ever since we were little and our love is growing stronger, nothing or no one will take that love away from us, not even you," Said Little Elk.
"We will see," said the mysterious man.
So they hiked down the smooth trail that somebody had made many years ago. It took them about one hour to get down to the canyon floor. As they arrived, Bright Star stopped in her tracks and listened. She heard two voices and turned around; it was Little Elk and the mysterious man.
"Bright Star, sit here on this boulder, the mysterious man and I are going to play our love songs for you," said Little Elk.
So Bright Star sat down on the boulder and listened. The mysterious man and Little Elk played their love songs for Bright Star. As they were playing Bright Star looked Little Elk and smiled. So she got up and walked towards him, she stood beside Little Elk listening to his music. The mysterious man stopped playing his flute, after he realized that she picked Little Elk. He was furious.
"What is your name?" asked Bright Star.
"My name is a mystery, where ever he takes you, I'll be above watching you and then you will know my name," said the mysterious man.
"We will meet again," said Little Elk.
"Sooner than you think young buck," said the mysterious man walking away.
"Bright Star, run away with me to Yellow Stone, where there are many buffalo's, we will never go hungry, no white man has ever discovered it yet, we will be the first ones there. We will live there forever and have many children," smiled Little Elk.
Little Elk and Bright Star walked for miles in the canyon, when they came across a horse grazing on what grass was left on the canyon floor. Little Elk slowly walked up towards the horse, making sure he doesn't startle it or run away from them. He gently climbed on top of the horse and reached his hand towards Bright Star. She looked up at him with a smile, she took his hand and Little Elk pulled her up with him and they rode away.
On the way they rode through many vast lands, creeks and went through other villages and went through many mountains. When they arrived in the woods of what is now called Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming, they got off their horses and walked towards open field of long grass and woods on either side of them, that is the spot where there is a paved road you can drive on and see the buffalo graze in that same spot where Bright Star and Little Elk were walking on, with trees on both sides of the field. As they were on the field of long grass, Little Elk looked up into the sky and saw two eagles soar across the land together; he smiled and looked at Bright Star.
As they were walking on the open field of long grass it was to silent, not even a bird screech, it was very quiet, almost too quiet. Then out of nowhere comes another Eagle, flying in fast, then he made a loud screech, Little Elk looked at Bright Star.
"Someone is watching," said Little Elk.
"I think I know his name now," worried Bright Star.
"What is it," asked Little Elk?
"Red Eagle," said Bright Star.
"Right, that explains the Eagle coming in fast and making a lot of noise, you should hide over in the woods, until this is all over, he is here and he wants to fight me for you. If I die today, run, run as fast as you can, don't look back only ahead and do not let him catch you," said Little Elk.
Bright Star looked at him with sadness, and hugged him and kissed him, for this may be the last time she ever sees him again. Bright Star ran and hid behind the trees where she couldn't be seen, she hid just enough to watch. Little Elk stood in the middle of the field and look straight ahead, he saw something move in the woods. Then out came Red Eagle. They slowly walked towards each other, Little Elk was very sure of himself; he was not going to let a big Indian warrior take his love away that he as for Bright Star.
They started to circle each other, then they started fighting like Indians do, throwing each other to the ground, stomping each other to the ground. As all this was happening Bright Star wanted to stop it, because deep down in her heart she knew she loved Little Elk with all her heart, she knew that Little Elk would lose against a big buff Native Warrior. But she stayed in silence while the fight was going. Finally Red Eagle threw Little Elk to the ground and got on top of him, pulled a knife out and held the knife to Little Elk's neck. Bright Star gasped and stood up, she was about to run out from the woods screaming for Little Elk, but again, she stayed in silence.
"Any last words," said Red Eagle.
Little Elk looked towards the woods and back at Red Eagle.
"My heart will always be in hers and she knows that, our love is stronger, and when I die, it will be even stronger, for one day, I will come back and kill you," smiled Little Elk.
Red Eagle was furious now; he picked up Little Elk and stabbed him in the gut and threw him back down and didn't even bother to see if he was dead, instead he just started to walk towards the woods to get Bright Star. Little Elk was laying on the ground, he started to open his eyes, when he did he saw Red Eagle walk towards the woods, Little Elk slowly got up and was in pain, he ran in the opposite direction, putting his hand on his wound as he was running. By the time Red Eagle got there Bright Star was already gone.
Little Elk was deep in the woods he looked back at the open field and said.
"I will find you Bright Star, never lose the love you have for me, and I will never lose the love I have for you, I will not stop until I find you, Red Eagle has not seen the last of me yet. When I do find him, we will finish it and this time, he will be the one dead, I'll make sure of that," said Little Elk.
Bright Star was still running, she was out of breath but she kept running until she could no longer run any longer, so she fell down and started to weep, because she thought the love of her life was gone forever. Bright Star cried herself into a deep sleep. Red Eagle was still searching for Bright Star; he kept walking in the same straight direction Bright Star went. Sure enough it led him right to her, she was sound asleep, didn't even hear him walk up until he jerked her up from the ground, She screamed Little Elk herd her scream.
"Don't worry Bright Star, I will find you," said Little Elk.
Bright Star started crying and screaming at the same time, Red Eagle just slapped her across the face and she fell limp. Red Eagle just grabbed her by the arm and drugged her across the ground. They were deep in the woods of Yellow Stone, what we know as today, as Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming. Red Eagle walked down to the stream and poured some water in his pouch and brought it back to Bright Star and poured on her head. She woke up and started coughing.
"Wake up, make us a fine house to live in, where we can live forever and have many children," said Red Eagle.
So she slowly got up, when she got up a tear started to roll down her face and she walked into the woods to get supplies to make a house. She came back with sticks and bark off of the trees, next thing you know, Red Eagle came back with a couple of buffalos, so she could make the house strong and warm for winter and make clothing.
She could never forget about Little Elk and the love she has for him. When you ever get a chance to go to Wyoming to the Yellow Stone National Park, where you drive down a paved road you will see an open field with buffalo's, that is where it all took place, when you look up in the sky, you can see an Eagle soar across the sky in that same open field. When you go to this open field in Yellow Stone National Park, you can hear the mourning of Bright Star cries for Little Elk. In the distance you can also see a shadow figure of Little Elk on the other side of the woods, waiting for that moment to return to Bright Star.

© 2016 Whitney Shaw

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Added on December 2, 2016
Last Updated on December 2, 2016
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Whitney Shaw
Whitney Shaw

Midland, TX

I am Apache Native Indian, I am an Apostolic girl, I also have Cerebral Pasly it's a learning disability, has to do with motor skills in the brain. But I am blessed that I can walk, talk, read, but .. more..

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