Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Whitney Shaw

"Sam wake your brother up, it's time to eat breakfast," said Susan Lodge.
"Oh Shane, wake up moms got breakfast ready," said Sam Lodge.
When Sam opened the door to his brothers room Shane was not there.
"He's not here mom! Yelled Sam Lodge?
"Well never mind then, he might be on the Reservation somewhere, probably getting into trouble," said Susan Lodge.
So his mother put fry bread on the table and something to drink. They started eating; as they were eating there was a knock at the door. So Sam got up from the table and answered the door. It was a reservation police man.
"Ai (Yes) may I help you officer?" asked Sam Lodge in the Sioux Language.
"Is your mother here Sam," Asked Billy Fox?
"Ai (yes) she is in the kitchen," said Sam Lodge pointing towards the kitchen.
So Sam invited him inside.
"Ma'am we need to talk about Shane?" asked Billy Fox.
"Cinks" (my son) why? What did you do?" asked Susan Lodge in the Sioux Language.
"He is in jail for stealing a pistol, and threatening to kill people with it, the White Americans here on the reservation," said Billy Fox.
"Sounds like Shane," said Sam Lodge.
"Sam, go to your room please, how long will he be in there," asked Susan Lodge?
"Well until tomorrow, he is going to spend the night in jail until somebody bails him out or he get out on good behavior," said Billy Fox.
"I don't have the money to bail him out, he will have to stay in there until he thinks about what he did, maybe it will change is thinking and attitude," said Susan Lodge.
"Ohan" (okay) said Billy Fox walking towards the door.
"Amba" (good bye)," said Susan Lodge.
"Amba winyan" (good bye woman)," Billy Fox walking out the door.
Meanwhile back at the station they put him in a cell with other Natives.
"Hey kid what you in here for?" asked Frog Legs.
"I stole a gun and was planning on using it on pale faces," said Shane Lodge crossing his arms.
"Your one of those Natives isn't you?" asked Frog Legs.
"What do you mean, what Natives?" asked Shane Lodge.
"The wild kind, you got off the red road, you blame everything on Custer and not even try to make it right. You're an angry Indian," said Frog Legs.
Shane got up real quick and said,
"Yeah, you think you got me all figured out don't you old man?" asked Shane Lodge.
"Didn't anyone tell you to respect your elders," said Frog Legs.
"I know my grandfather always tells me enough form home like he says quote on quote.
"Who will tell the stories, when the old ones are gone, the younger generation is getting off the red road, walking the red road is very hard these day." He always tells me that when he tells me his stupid stories." said Shane Lodge.
"He is right, in this time of day, the red road is hard to walk," said Frog Legs.
"No, not for my brother Sam, he's the good Indian, he walks the red road," said Shane Lodge.
"Oh I see, he keeps the traditions, he keeps the stories and language intact, "said Frog Legs.
"Yeah that's him, they don't mean anything them POW WOW, it's just Indians dancing for the white man, and tell their stupid stories," Shane Lodge getting angry.
"Your wrong Shane, every story has a power, a gift, we dance cause we are sad or mad, we dance for our children, we dance for our creator, we dance for our loved ones, we dance for the old ones you can no longer walk, we dance for those you went up to see the creator, we dance for those who are serving for our country," Frog Legs standing up tall.
"Whatever man," said Shane Lodge.
"You hide behind your fears, if you want to hide behind your ignorance go ahead nobody is stopping you Shane," said Frog Legs.
"I am an angry Indian, I don't trust any skins that aren't Indian, now leave me alone," Shane Lodge asked in a rude voice.
Then Shane went to sleep. Back at Shane's house, Susan Lodge was sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette and crying her eyes out. Sam came into the living room and looked out the door; Susan quit crying and looked at the back of Sam's head.
"I feel like my head is in the bathroom, and my belly is in the kitchen, and my legs are in the bedroom," Susan Lodge smoking.
"It's going to be alright mother, I promise," said Sam looking at her.
"He ay hee" (a call to the Great Spirit) will help us get through this mess with my brother Shane," said Sam Lodge in the Sioux Language.
As he was walking out the door he went across the street to his Grandfathers house and sat down with him outside on a chair.
"Something is troubling you grandson, I can see it in your eyes?" asked Running Bear.
"It's about Shane grandpa, he's getting bad, he is moving away from our traditions, he thinks too much of the past, he make's mom cry all the time. She can't sleep, she's worried about him. He thinks he can do whatever he wants with people, like trying to kill them," said Sam Lodge.
"Yes, he is an angry Indian, blaming his troubles on other people," said Grandfather.
"Grandpa, maybe if dad came back into our lives, maybe Shane would change, mom said he quit drinking since he moved to Arizona to break horses for money for us to have food and other stuff," said Sam.
"Maybe grandson, I may lead him down the POW WOW trail, I need to go to Albuquerque and tell our stories, he's old enough to drive now," said Grandfather.
"What's the POW WOW trail?" asked Sam.
Grandpa smiled. They both got up and Grandpa went to Sam's house and talked with Sam's mom about Shane taking him to the POW WOW when he gets out.

© 2017 Whitney Shaw

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Don't tell their last names after they speak. Not unless your characters call each other, Sam-lodge.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Whitney Shaw
Whitney Shaw

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I am Apache Native Indian, I am an Apostolic girl, I also have Cerebral Pasly it's a learning disability, has to do with motor skills in the brain. But I am blessed that I can walk, talk, read, but .. more..

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A Chapter by Whitney Shaw