Tower of God

Tower of God

A Book by Tsukin Archangel

Calum Dodri, the firstborn son of the fifth family of the Collecitve, the ruling party of Ward 4 has just turned 18 and for him that means his entire world's about to be changed.


© 2014 Tsukin Archangel

Author's Note

Tsukin Archangel
This is a story for people in their mid to late teens. Reader descretion is advised. Strong language, sexual themes, violence and drug and alocohol use throughout.


Tower of God is set in a world divided not into countries but in five Wards and where power comes not from money or influence but from the fortitude of your mind in the form of what the people of this universe call a Tower, the metaphysical/physical manifestation of that will. It chronicles the life of eighteen year old Calum Dodri as he gets shipped off from his home in Ward 4 to become -- for all intents and purposes -- a political prisoner in Ward 1, and is caught up in the web of lies, sex, drugs and death that will leave him questioning the true roots of love and reality when all you need is a Tower to change it all.

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Just thought I would make you aware of this... but this title is the same as a very popular comic series in Korea. Like one of the top read series.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

Uhm.... thanks... I suppose, though considering there are like a million books here in America that .. read more

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Added on January 11, 2014
Last Updated on January 19, 2014
Tags: sci-fi, fantasy, dark, psychics, what is reality, edgey, lust, seduction, sensuality, apathy, insanity


Tsukin Archangel
Tsukin Archangel

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