The Five

The Five

A Poem by Arctic Fox

The original poem in the trilogy. Written one night when the words just flowed from my pen.


No one ever saw him come or go.

He was a ghost drifting through life.

He drifted along, but he was never alone.

Four more gave him company.

He would be a guardian for the rest.


He is one of five.

He is the nogoremono, the drifter.

He is the hated one among peers.

He is the fox.

He is no more.


A cheerful lover she was to him.

She filled the drifter’s void heart.

She would follow him to the end.

She was his hope for salvation.

She stayed by his side until the end.


She is one of five.

She is the koibito, the lover.

She is the forsaken among peers.

She is the other fox.

She is no more.


He was the righteous athlete.

He befriend the drifter.

He stood firm his faith.

He was a solider of God.

He was a martyr for his beliefs.


He is one of five.

He is the jujigun, the crusader.

He is the trusted one among peers.

He is the wolf.

He is no more.


She was the newcomer.

She befriended the wolf.

She was among the accepted.

She was a restless soul.

She was a tragic friend caught between two sides.


She is one of five.

She is the ochitsukanai, the restless one.

She is the revered one among peers.

She is the monkey.

She is no more.


He was the eldest.

He was the old friend of the drifter.

He was sifting through reality.

He was losing the light.

He made one last stand.


He is one of five.

He is the horosha, the wanderer.

He is the misunderstood one among peers.

He is the dog.

He is no more.


Their story is one of betrayal and revenge.

All had enemies known and unknown.

All of it was nothing short of a tragedy.

The story itself holds the weight of a generation.

Their deaths should never have come so soon.


The drifter never felt the first,

Or the second, or even the fifth.

He held her close till the darkness overtook him.

Dreams were shattered by the bullets of that day.

His eyes haunt their dreams still.


She felt his warm blood flow across her skin.

She felt his last kiss on her lips.

He never knew she would follow him even in death.

Of the five he caught, three made it through.

She would not let him go alone.


The crusader stood amongst the chaos.

He was the victim of conflicting views.

His death is the result of that struggle.

He stared down the barrel.

All was dark and cold, but he saw warm light.


She was betrayed by the one she trusted.

Her friend came back to her.

Their reunion was stained with her blood.

She cried as the angels came for her.

She cried because of the betrayal.


He stood tall and fierce.

He watched as they fell one by one.

In a frenzy he charged the one who brought death.

The rest of the clip made his body their resting place.

He killed the one who killed them.


The one expected to kill died protecting.

The one expected to leave, stayed.

The one expected to follow, lead.

The one expected to live happily died in fear.

The one expected to die, did, but oh so valiantly.


He was the leader who was went first into death.

She was stronger than they believed her to be.

He was the one who shouldn’t have died.

She was the thread that wove the web.

He was never expected to play the hero.


Two lovers gave life to Romeo and Juliet.

Five friends are no more.

A whole school has nightmares.

Families will never be whole again.

Heaven has five more souls.


The drifter settled down.

The lover held her oath.

The crusader found the highest honor.

The restless one rests in peace.

The wanderer found the light.


Never will the pain cease.

There are wounds that will never close.

What is lost can never be regained.

A war of words lead the death.

They lived just to die.


If it was ever said,

“This will never happen to me.”

Remember they said it as well.

No one is invincible.

Absolutely no one can play God.


On a distant shore stand five.

A crystal sea is before them.

A clear sky is above them.

Sweet melodies flow with the breeze.

They wait at the gates.


They wait for the others.

They wait for the fallen.

They stand together.

They died fighting an endless war.

They lived a too short time.


They are the five.

They are the one.

In the end they became a statistic.

Their futures never came.

Their names are enshrined in marble.


The five stood before the throne.

All were judged and fell short.

Yet they were all taken in.

For he so loved the world.

Peace be with the fallen.

© 2010 Arctic Fox

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"The one expected to kill died protecting.
The one expected to leave, stayed.
The one expected to follow, lead.
The one expected to live happily died in fear.
The one expected to die, did, but oh so valiantly."

That was probably my favorite stanza. So haunting. Keep up the great work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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What a strange prophetic tone this has...

Posted 11 Years Ago

amazing, you have a way with words!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Stop Teen Violence. ITS destroying our nation and future...literaly

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is about awareness

Posted 12 Years Ago

You tell a sad poetic story here of those that die for no reason.

Posted 12 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

moving. very moving, and that is something none has been able to pull off for me. I truly love this poem and i plan to reread it several times

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I didn't say anything because this is the original. Both you and Kiba wrote those on my permission copying my style and set-up. My page is just my work. Besides I mentioned it....somewhere I just have to find where

Posted 13 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading this very much ^.^
Even though it was very long, I wished it was longer so I can keep reading.
Great write, keep it up! =D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox


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