under the stars

under the stars

A Poem by Areeba

It came to me when I was sleeping, I thought it made sense back then, in the middle of the night.


Under the stars


If I could lie under the stars,

With you by my side,

We'll be happy for countless hours,

If only you could leave behind your pride.


I would stare at you as you sleep,

Breathing in the soft starlight,

This is the moment I'd want to keep

Even when we're in the middle of a fight.


And when it'll rain I'd hold your hand,

I'd let the tiny raindrops shine.

Together at the edge of the cliff we'll stand

I'll scream to let the world know you're mine.


Will you stand in the rain with me?

Will you show me who you are?

Will you let the diamonds shine?

Will you lie with me under the star?

© 2013 Areeba

Author's Note

Two words: how is it? OK, maybe three words.

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I loved this poem very intense but with a gentle sweetness to it as well, I really enjoyed reading it thank you for sharing.

(Sorry to nit pick but in this line below I think you meant "together" instead of "togather")
"Togather at the edge of the cliff we'll stand"

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thank you for correcting my mistake!
Nemesis G

11 Years Ago

No problem :)
This one is very intense. I had to read it over a few times. You are talented in conveying your feelings with beautiful imagery. Another good one.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thaks!!! It means a lot!
What a lovely poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thank you, it feels good to read that!!!
very lovely
maybe couples should try looking at the good in the middle of the bad
thank you for sharing

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago


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Added on February 11, 2013
Last Updated on April 19, 2013
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I am a fun crazy GIRL(yup, I'm a female!) who loves to write, read, draw and rollerskate!!! Also, I happen to be in love with Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z!!!!! And foods of all kinds!!! Oh, and probably.. more..

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